The ADVENT General is an ADVENT enemy encountered in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen. They assume the role of ADVENT leader in the mission type "Neutralize Field Commander."


The ADVENT General is extremely similar to the ADVENT Officer albeit with one major difference; its armor is green and black instead of red and black.


When the ADVENT General is located by XCOM, it typically falls back and lets the subordinate ADVENT soldiers deal with opposing forces. Their main goal is to escape from XCOM's pursuing forces rather than kill them, which is why the General has lower aim and a Flashbang Grenade instead of the ADVENT Officer's high aim and Frag Grenade. While the General will still shoot XCOM units to prevent them from completing their mission, he will more than likely dash as far as he can to the ADVENT EVAC point rather than fight with his subordinates, usually putting himself out of cover to do so.


  • The General has higher health than officers. It will take a coordinated effort between your soldiers to take one out.
  • Try to ambush a General. The EVAC point won't appear until your squad is exposed.
  • Be careful of the flashbang grenade. If the General throws it, it will make your mission a bit harder due to your reduced aim.


  • Unlike the ADVENT Officer, the ADVENT General has no Mark Target ability, and will not mark XCOM units.
  • Skullmining the ADVENT General with a Skulljack will not always instantly kill him as he gains more than 20 health at his disposal in his M3 form on higher difficulties.
  • The ADVENT General already has an incredibly high will for an ADVENT Unit, but also has immunities to both Panic and Mind Control, and won't be affected by abilities like Insanity or Domination.
  • An ADVENT General generates an ADVENT Officer corpse upon defeat.