An ADVENT Security Tower is a fixed rotating structure emitting red light that can be found on many maps; approaching too close to a security tower will break concealment. Within a given distance a hack attempt can be started. 

Hacking Security Towers[]

  • Only a Specialist or SPARK can hack security towers.
  • Max distance: 14 (needs confirmation)
  • Success does not break pre-mission concealment
  • If a map has multiple towers, they share the rewards/failures, but each tower may be hacked independently during a mission.


An unsuccessful hack attempt will break concealment and trigger one of the following results:

  • Reinforcements: A failed hack will result in a group of enemy reinforcements being called down on your position.
  • Jammed: A failed hack will result in all enemies receiving a Defense and Mobility boost.

Possible Rewards[]

  • Small supply cache (35) vs. Large supply cache
  • Disguised Signals: Soldier immediately gains Concealment. vs. Squad Disguised Signals: Entire squad each gain independent Concealment (revealing one soldier will not reveal others)
  • Alien Facility Lead: Recover a mission lead on an Alien Facility. vs. Central Command: Gain control of all robotic enemies for 1 turn.
  • Distraction: Squad recovers all action points already spend this turn. vs. Facility Lead.
  • Deception: Gain control of a random enemy for 1 turn (note that this will break concealment).
  • Blitz: Soldier gains 1 free use of Run And Gun ability. vs Squad Blitz: Same but for entire squad.
  • Disorient: Disorient enemies for 2 turns. vs. Hypnography: Reduce enemy will by 50%.
  • Video Feed: Soldiers vision is increased by 2 for 1 turn. vs. Squad Video Feed: Squads vision increased by 2 for 1 turn.
  • Integrated Comms: Soldier gains Squadsight for 2 turn. vs. Squad Integrated Comms: Same for entire squad. Overwatch does not apply to this Squadsight.


  • Destroying a security tower does not remove its detection area. There is a mod that fixes this.