The ADVENT Trooper Autopsy is a research project in XCOM 2.

In-Game Description[]


Now that we know the ADVENT aren't pure human collaborators, but actual alien-human hybrids, close analysis of the fallen troopers' tissue might shed some light on physiological changes the aliens have made. Their receiving neurochips might also allow us to create a device that would let us scan the battlefield without being noticed.

Autopsy Commentary[]

Knowing that my past surgical experience is limited, I'm sure the crew appreciates I hone my skills on fallen ADVENT before triaging our own wounded. To the uninitiated the common ADVENT Trooper is seemingly human, the aliens have disguised its most glaring divergence from the human form with with a carefully designed helmet.

Project Report[]

Codename: Deacon

The most public face of ADVENT security, the standard ADVENT Trooper serves in a first-response in areas of high public exposure. Although rumors as to their origins have persisted for years, it's only recently that we've confirmed that they are in fact product of a human-alien hybrid development. My initial autopsy indicates that the troopers were at one time entirely human, implying some means of gradual genetic enhancement without the rejection concerns that would normally plague these experiments. The body itself maintains the outward appearance of a typical human, with the most crucial changes occurring in the cranial structure. It is my belief that the ADVENT troopers receive their orders, that is to say controlled, directly through a Psionic link engineered as part of the genetic modification process. As we first discovered in the field, the eyes are noticeably larger, perhaps an unintended side-effect, as they seem to provide on limited improvements to the Trooper's visual acuity. The aliens have managed to disguise this glaring physical trait from the general public through the use of cleverly designed armor. R.Tygan


  • 10/15/15/25 corpses are needed for instant research.


  • The project's codename of "Deacon" is fitting considering the word deacon is derived form the ancient Greek word diákonos meaning servant or messenger, as well as being an lower level office in Christian churches. Considering the ADVENT Troopers are the basic servants of the aliens and since the Etherals are seen as gods or at the very least prophets, the codename of deacon fits even further.