This is a list of all Steam achievements for XCOM 2.

Icon Name Description
First Blood e7e15d681598dbad0df64321237ad4aad5e0f20c
First Blood Complete the tactical tutorial
Like Clockwork 26db2cccf9d5a9b167792a9834a93588078087ef
Like Clockwork Complete a successful ambush
Rumor Hunter 6ec660facb274e543536523965f2c6651e563222
Rumor Hunter Complete a Rumor
Locked and Loaded 48978afd5405eb79e08f718b61c2b2fb6add28eb
Locked and Loaded Upgrade a weapon
Rise of the Resistance 0053c35deaa76125c7db4d8f0ef9766b68096598
Rise of the Resistance Make contact with a region
Come Back To Me 77012bdce731cbc52bd0f7a0bbd6ea1fa4ff927a
Come Back To Me Kill a Sectoid who is currently mind controlling a squadmate
A Horrible Truth 5e4edd8c2905c3e84807577f989365e20b9105eb
A Horrible Truth Recover the Blacksite Data
Tinker 3214bca3e3e9585c34c498d86275a865d1495aea
Tinker Build an experimental item in the Proving Grounds
Breathing Room ae7d4a6f7fd9f1e3c85eb3b192230c84f8dd422d
Breathing Room Kill a Viper who is strangling a squadmate
With Extreme Prejudice de619fc8f80233b7b03fcac07ff8dc62cab08385
With Extreme Prejudice Skulljack an ADVENT Officer
A Grim Key 5126aebd45090655081d4ffd1d604c09a004878c
A Grim Key Recover a Codex Brain
Harder- Better- Faster- Stronger 18a417dc50787896cfd4638819e1b3d5c71e6652
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Apply a PCS upgrade to a soldier
Rebel Radio 6f4589be18b661541cf922db2fcc7702a475cccf
Rebel Radio Build Resistance Comms
Car Wrecked de2f1fe742f36bdcafbaeec32bc05e068ff62b5c
Car Wrecked Cause an enemy to die in a vehicle explosion
Room To Grow e7e3a2fd9cc265ac15b97d35cb67aaae278b3ef1
Room to Grow Upgrade a facility
Heroes of the Resistance 4d4ca9d99388984e5437532c01140731d262af0f
Heroes of the Resistance Beat a Retaliation mission with less than 3 civilian deaths
Cyberlord 4969c50c121169a3f7d247d25711a468d32e556f
Cyberlord Earn a second tier hack reward
Bring It Down d7ff4e49f705b08442a27820405e242f4f138070
Bring It Down Sabotage an alien facility
Have a Nice Trip 6e8afa235c906ec18d74107ff7b748e680fff322
Have a Nice Trip Cause an enemy to fall to its death
Codebreaker 307706a482b0b20b2d69046356f1569320ed3151
Codebreaker Build the Shadow Chamber
A Better Human Being b99ef079953da71a5e6bd322359bfb50ff172c6d
A Better Human Being Recover the Forge item
A God Falls 67190f74dea2c094e9bb8b0073b2f8b20a4cef08
A God Falls Kill an Avatar
Stop Hitting Yourself d4e7ebec55836a05da909ca8caf72451f8fe4f80
Stop Hitting Yourself Kill an enemy with a hacked turret
Now Am I Become Death a1912b2b56ef012e6c9aff285c076dc732ad6c1c
Now Am I Become Death Kill 3 enemies in a single turn, with a single soldier, without explosives[1]
Meat Over Metal 4b156d574bf7f5a92645b3b6164b1645f3ce3c32
Meat Over Metal Kill a Sectopod on the same turn you encounter it
Mechlord 6b64d333117d24e441d29d28c1cae3be0f7366dd
Mechlord Hack and take control of a Sectopod
A Dark Doorway fc2503cbb6a84877e1d48d3e8a16dcc297173eff
A Dark Doorway Recover the Psi Gate
David and Goliath 53b833b5d8bc84e18a2db1e9f2eec2ac4e520452
David and Goliath Kill a Berserker in melee combat[2]
Excalibur f6604b4788c269e39d974ab613e1df0b9664f7c9
Excalibur Completely upgrade a beam weapon with superior grade weapon upgrades
A Line Crossed 7888dfa2cbed9663919563d75352134f89161958
A Line Crossed Complete the Avatar Autopsy
Pile -Em Up b560e7ba222925f1cd0ec8ada2821f28555e37e1
Pile 'Em Up Kill 500 aliens (does not have to be in the same game)
A Final Stand 9a7f50ccb6f019bb33e43676fbbca9cc0ad9b7d0
A Final Stand Create the Commander's Avatar
Shen-s Legacy 60aecd45f914e70a97588beed3c777ccb48aa586
Shen's Legacy Build a facility in every Avenger slot
Earth Avenged 68d90ddee13efdfac9623df49a8c3f02c03cc1d1
Earth Avenged Overthrow the aliens at any difficulty level
Shadow Broker b0b91740b8dbf7f1f4f246f68305450307b0a373
Shadow Broker Sell goods worth 1000 supplies to the Black Market (does not have to be in the same game)
The Sun Never Sets 46aa2d5fda3614bef4d49947dd4318d788d226a8
The Sun Never Sets Build a radio relay on every continent
Brutal Collection addc75fd5de9bf9706128eeef71811f677ff6502
Brutal Collection Skulljack each different type of ADVENT soldier (does not have to be in the same game)[3]
Nick of Time ca2d43dcfefc9f2e44cf8d291a6b6b8a252a8c0f
Nick of Time Evacuate a soldier whose bleed-out timer is still running
Global Resistance 76cefc2ebb675f22e1cce33984e57da2707f6afd
Global Resistance Get all of the continent bonuses available in a single campaign
The Most Dangerous Game e129fa988d6f58fe9217262d004e1d98e818304a
The Most Dangerous Game Win a multiplayer match.
Defender of Humanity 398a5316c690d9ea00888beba0ce4664fb50f656
Defender of Humanity Overthrow the aliens on Commander difficulty
Beginner-s Luck 9f77652861e2776f4b1dbcdeb6413b775f222aa7
Beginner's Luck Beat a mission in June or later using only Rookies
Valhalla 0acbd0414f3213640f1b222cfe0238517e99e065
Valhalla Beat the game on Commander+ difficulty in Ironman mode
The Untouchables 27f0d587df15bb182e05ee851e6016d77d9a5ec6
The Untouchables Beat the game on Commander+ without losing a soldier
Immortal Commander 4d8cda8b312d5573eae47cb73b3564c939fbb066
Immortal Commander Overthrow the aliens on Legend difficulty
Heavy Metal 3b82013d3ca612b9f0d794b436c6160893f33da8
Heavy Metal Kill an enemy with every heavy weapon in the game (does not have to be in the same game)
The Few and the Proud 4d26835426aad8fdc64f43b9ae2027758b6ed627
The Few and the Proud Beat the game on Commander+ difficulty without buying a Squad Size upgrade
Overpowered 2f6822c3db76f5aba5f843ca62c539f1bac8f5a3
Overpowered Beat a mission on Commander+ with a squad composed entirely of soldiers of the same class (but not Rookies)[4]
Exquisite Timing cad6cfe2cc8653a205214cb0add83e170d1b9553
Exquisite Timing Beat the game on Commander+ difficulty by July 1st[5]
Who Needs Tygan 4eeb02e8921eb985f3c7a1c32a8fc65febc8c54e
Who Needs Tygan? Beat the final mission using only conventional gear[6]
LOCKED faef04af3e74d4921798d9fbfbbda70d0099c6ae
Locked You have yet to receive this Achievement
  1. Sharpshooter Colonel with Serial, Ranger Colonel with Reaper, Grenadier Colonel with Saturation Fire, or Ranger with Kill Zone, high aim, and the right type of ammo. Explosives can be used to soften up the targets, but they can't make the killing blow.
  2. Only the killing blow needs to be a melee strike.
  3. Despite stating ADVENT soldiers, this achievement includes skulljacking the codex for the main story.
  4. Can be accomplished on a certain plot mission. Can be Psi Operatives.
  5. Requires some good plot locations, and rushing at least 2 Resistance Comm facilities to reach those areas. You will be able to research Magnetic Weapons and Plated Armor at best. Note that beating the game exactly on the 1st of July does not count!
  6. Plasma Grenade, Nano-Medkit, and first Tier Weapon Upgrades and PCS are allowed. Psi Operatives may also be used, provided that they use the basic Psi Amp.
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