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Aircraft armaments are advanced weapons and modules that can be equipped on or used by interceptors in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

All aircraft armaments manufactured in Engineering are immediately produced upon purchase and will benefit from any discounts available there.

XCOM Database[]

Once fabricated by Engineering, advanced aircraft weapon systems can be installed within the Hangar. When viewing the Ship List and highlighting an available interceptor, selecting 'Details' will bring up a report specific to that aircraft. From this screen, selecting 'Edit Loadout' will provide you the opportunity to change the weapons currently equipped.

– XCOM Database, XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Aircraft Weaponry[]

Changing an interceptor's weapon loadout takes 24 hours, grounding the aircraft for that time.

Avalanche Missiles[]

XEU Avalanche Missiles.png

Default weaponry on all interceptors

Research Required: None
Production Cost: None
Hit Chance: 70%
Range: Long
Fire Rate: Slow
Damage: Low
Armor Penetration: Low

Phoenix Cannon[]

XCOM-EU Phoenix Cannon.png
Research Required: Experimental Warfare
Production Cost: §35, 5 Engineers
Hit Chance: 95%
Range: Short
Fire Rate: Rapid
Damage: Low
Armor Penetration: Low

Laser Cannon[]

XCOM-EU Laser Cannon.png
Research Required: Heavy Lasers
Production Cost: §35, 25 Alloys, 10 Engineers
Hit Chance: 85%
Range: Short
Fire Rate: Rapid
Damage: Low
Armor Penetration: Medium

Plasma Cannon[]

Plasma Cannon (Weapon).png
Research Required: Plasma Cannon
Production Cost: §100, 20 Elerium, 20 Alloys, 20 Engineers
Hit Chance: 85%
Range: Long
Fire Rate: Medium
Damage: Medium
Armor Penetration: High

EMP Cannon[]

EMP Cannon (Weapon).png
Research Required: EMP Cannon
Production Cost: §200, 20 Elerium, 30 Alloys, 30 Engineers
Hit Chance: 100%
Range: Short
Fire Rate: Medium
Damage: High
Armor Penetration: High

Fusion Lance[]

XCOM-EU Fusion Lance.jpg

Available exclusively for the Firestorm

Research Required: Fusion Lance
Production Cost: §150, 20 Elerium, 30 Alloys, 35 Engineers
Hit Chance: 90%
Range: Long
Fire Rate: Slow
Damage: High
Armor Penetration: High

Aircraft Modules[]

Aircraft modules provide temporary combat bonuses for an interceptor pursuing a UFO; only one of each module can be used per aerial engagement. They are consumed upon use.

Inspired by information gathered by studying alien corpses, these modules become available following select alien autopsy research.

Uplink Targeting (Aim)[]

XEU Uplink Targeting Aim.png
Research Required: Sectoid Autopsy
Production Cost: §10, 3 Sectoid Corpses, 5 Engineers
Available: Month 1 (March)

Defense Matrix (Dodge)[]

XCOM-EU Defense Matrix (Dodge).png
Research Required: Floater Autopsy
Production Cost: §50, 3 Floater Corpse, 10 Engineers
Available: Month 2 (April)

UFO Tracking (Boost)[]

UFO Tracking (Boost).png
Research Required: Cyberdisc Autopsy
Production Cost: §20, 2 Cyberdisc Wreck, 10 Engineers
Available: Month 4 (June)

Armament Comparison[]

Tactical Info[]

Weapon Hit Chance  Range  Fire Rate  Damage  Armor Penetration
Avalanche Missiles  70% Long Slow Low None
Phoenix Cannon 95% Short Rapid Low Low
Laser Cannon 85% Short Rapid Low Medium
Plasma Cannon 85% Long Medium Medium High
EMP Cannon 100% Short Medium High High
Fusion Lance 90% Long Slow High High
Source: Tactical Info, XCOM: Enemy Within


Weapon Range Damage * Armor Penetration *
Avalanche Missiles  100 400 0
Phoenix Cannon 85 350 11 / 11 / 6 / 6
Laser Cannon 85 400 25 / 25 / 25 / 28
Plasma Cannon 100 800 / 800 / 700 / 700 48 / 48 / 33 / 33
EMP Cannon 85 1200 44
Fusion Lance 100 1400 44
Source: XGItemTree, XComStrategyGame.upk file, XCOM: Enemy Within

* Easy  /  Normal  /  Classic  /  Impossible game difficulty

There are three types of UFO armaments, all of which have a range slightly beyond XCOM's maximum: 101. They inflict 300 to 1625 damage with 0 to 25 armor penetration. Both XCOM and alien craft have a base armor penetration value that is added to the armament's.