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Alien Hunters is a DLC addition for XCOM 2. It was released May 12, 2016 through Steam for $9.99.


Transform the soldiers of XCOM into an elite alien hunting squad with impressive new weapons and armor to face off against new alien Rulers that will pursue your squad across an entire campaign. Additional cosmetic upgrades to soldiers and the Avenger are included, as well as a new epic mission where Central Officer Bradford leads a squad with the guidance of an old friend.


The DLC adds the following:

  • A story mission in which XCOM investigate the rulers. Bradford not only provides intelligence but personally accompanies you on this mission.
  • Three alien rulers that can appear on any mission. There is only one copy of each ruler per game and killing them unlocks impressive rewards.
  • Four new weapons. While they are adept at taking on the rulers, they can only be built once. Therefore if you lose them in a mission, you lose them forever.
  • Three new suits of armor. After you kill a ruler you can autopsy it. That research allows you to create a specialized suit of armor with unique abilities. As with the weapons, if you lose the suit, you cannot rebuild the armor.
  • The Frozen status effect along with abilities and items that can inflict it.

Weapons and Gear[]



  • A new game does not have to be started to access the new content when the DLC is installed, but players will be unable to access the story mission until they do so.
  • The new weapons and armors are specially designed in order to deal with the Alien Rulers, providing either free actions or turn-denying effects.
  • The Alien Rulers will not appear if the player does not take on the story mission, there is no penalty for not taking it, and the ability to take on the mission lasts indefinitely. However, the new weapons cannot be upgraded and the armor cannot be obtained until the player completes the mission.