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Alien Nav Computer is a research project in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

In-Game Description[]


The navigational control systems recovered from the crashed UFO seem to act as both a flight computer and a communications module. Further study may lead to improvements in our ability to detect incoming UFOs.

Project Report[]

Codename: Lighthouse

We've had the opportunity to study these devices in a limited fashion. As we've discovered, they do contain some form of encrypted alien data. However, they're also completely reliant on an internal power supply, which, when depleted, renders the device inaccessible. The only means we've found to gather information from this equipment is by routing its internal power supply through a crudely assembled interface that bypasses any built-in shutdown sequences.

However, the alien data itself provided an even greater obstacle, as we're dealing with a programming language that is unlike anything found in our own systems. Fortunately, the research team is quite capable and we quickly assembled a small group of our best analysts for the task. We've already begun to establish patterns in the alien encryption algorithm, revealing small bits of information that can be integrated into our research.

Project Requirements[]

Prerequisites: Salvage UFO Flight Computers
Research Point Cost: 100 Points
Project Cost: 2 UFO Flight Computers

Facilities Unlocked[]

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