The Alloy Cannon is a weapon in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

In-Game Description[]

By developing a firing mechanism capable of projecting machined shards of the alien alloy, we've created an extremely powerful weapon that has devastating effect on anything caught in range. However, accuracy falls off quickly over greater distances.

– Engineering description, XCOM: Enemy Unknown


The Alloy Cannon becomes available for production in Engineering after completing the Alloy Cannon research project.

Production Cost:

XCOM: Enemy Unknown, all difficulties: XCOM: Enemy Within, Classic & Impossible difficulties:

Tactical Info[]

▪  The most advanced version of the shotgun that XCOM can engineer
▪  Like all shotgun variants, has a high base chance to cause critical hits but limited range
– Tactical Info, XCOM: Enemy Unknown



  • Despite the weapon's glowing outlines being orange, the soldier wielding it still gets the green patches characteristic of plasma weapons on their armor.
  • Unlike the Shotgun and the Scatter Laser, the Alloy Cannon doesn't have a flashlight mounted at the front end.