Ammo Conservation Project.png

Ammo Conservation is a Foundry project in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

In-Game Description[]

Muton armor contains servomotors that function as automatic weapon loaders, allowing their weapons to carry more ammunition without requiring the soldier to pause for a full reload. We could apply some of the same techniques to our own weapons.

Project Requirements[]

Prerequisites:  Muton Autopsy (Research)
Time to Complete:  14 days
Engineers:  15

Project Cost:

Research Credits and Bonuses:

 Name  Type  Reward  Adjusted Requirement
 All Technology  Research Credit  -50% Time  7 days
 Beam Weapons  Research Credit  -50% Time  7 days
 Future Combat  Continent Bonus (Asia)  -50% Credits  §75


  • Approximately doubles ammunition capacity for all primary weapons (In the case of MEC Troopers, it increases their ammunition capacity by only 50%).
  • Introduces issues with Heavy and Sniper weapons, when these weapons have only one ammo left, Overwatch will become unavailable due to "Not enough ammo"
  • Stacks with the Expanded Storage ability for MEC Troopers. Therefore, Expanded Storage and Ammo Conservation effectively doubles their ammunition capacity.