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Annette Durand is a human civilian with powerful latent psionic abilities who is introduced in XCOM: Enemy Within as part of the Operation Progeny content pack. She is a pre-made, non-customizable hero unit, similar to Shaojie Zhang.


Annette is a young French woman with medium-length brunette hair. Like Shaojie Zhang, her facial appearance cannot be customized. She also has her own unique voice pack, which is noticeably less "professional" than other XCOM recruits. Additionally, she does not have a callsign, and will not be given one upon promotion.

Player Interaction[]

Annette is encountered at the end of the Council Mission Deluge, which only appears after the player has successfully completed both the Council Mission Portent and the XCOM Base Defense mission. She can be recruited as a Sergeant with a randomly assigned class. She has higher than normal Will, and is also guaranteed to have the Gift if tested in the Psi Lab. This can give the player a guaranteed Volunteer if the random number generator does not assign any of their other operatives the Gift.


  • A photo of Annette can be seen in the EXALT Base, if you enter the room immediately left from the door closest to the Skyranger.
  • The class assignment of Annette is randomized at the end of the mission. Her stats when she first joins are fixed at 5 HP (only the same as a typical Sergeant on Impossible difficulty), 70 Aim and 80 Will (maximum 128 Will at Colonel with the Iron Will Officer Training School perk), regardless of class. The best class for her to be assigned to is Heavy, where she will have more Aim than a typical Heavy, especially with the "Hidden Potential" Second Wave option enabled.
  • As Annette has a unique voice pack, she cannot be customized to speak French. Her voice pack does include a few French voice clips when acknowledging commands such as "bien sûr" ("of course").
    • In the same vein, her voice remains unchanged if she's augmented into a MEC Trooper.


Annette Durand appears in XCOM: Enemy Within.