XEU Arc Thrower research

Arc Thrower is a research project in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

In-Game DescriptionEdit


With our recent insights into the alien biological makeup, we believe it should be possible to create a device capable of incapacitating an alien subject without killing it. If our troops could capture an alien alive, perhaps we could interrogate it.

Project ReportEdit

Codename: Spark

We've completed our research into the Arc Thrower prototype and we believe this device is ready for final production in Engineering. The mechanism functions on the basic premise of neurological disruption, emitting a focused electromagnetic pulse capable of confusing and incapacitating targets within a limited range.

As this is our first venture into the field of non-lethal weapons based on the alien physiology, it's safe to assume there may be unexpected results in the field. It's very likely that some aliens will resist the disabling effects of the weapon, in which case it might be more effective to weaken the enemy first.

The Arc Thrower is also constrained by our current power supply technology, which limits its effectiveness to two shots per deployment. Any captives retrieved from the field will have to be housed in an Alien Containment facility; I strongly advise we build that facility before attempting to capture live specimens.

Project RequirementsEdit

Prerequisites: Xeno-Biology
Research Point Cost: 60 Points
Project Cost: 10 Weapon Fragments

Items UnlockedEdit

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