Armors types of body armor used by soldiers in XCOM 2. All soldiers are capable of equipping armor to protect themselves against damage and environmental hazards during combat missions.

The following is a list of all the body armors available in XCOM 2.

Basic ArmorEdit

Light ArmorEdit

Light armors grant the wearer extra mobility and dodge stats, focusing less on health and more on the movement flexibility of the wearer. All Light Armors share the ability to Grapple to elevated surfaces. Each armor need to be manufactured individually by 'completing' the required Proving Ground project.

  1. Spider Suit
  2. Wraith Suit
  3. Serpent Suit (Alien Hunter DLC)

Medium ArmorEdit

Medium armors are all-around general purpose armors that allow a balance between mobility and strength. All Medium armors share the ability to provide an extra utility slot on the wearer. An unlimited supply of these armors will be granted once the required build order in Engineering has been finished (with the exception of the Icarus Armor).

  1. Predator Armor
  2. Warden Armor
  3. Icarus Armor (Alien Hunter DLC)

Heavy ArmorEdit

Heavy Armors focus on the survivability of the wearer, increasing health more than medium armor and providing armor points to block additional damage. All Heavy Armors share the ability to mount a Heavy Weapon on the wearer. Each Armor needs to manufactured individually by 'completing' the required Proving Ground Project.

  1. E.X.O. Suit
  2. W.A.R. Suit
  3. R.A.G.E. Suit (Alien Hunter DLC)

Class Specific ArmorEdit

SPARKs, Reapers, Skirmishers, and Templars each have the own class specific tiers of armor. Faction specific armors do not confer any advantages beyond additional hit points, to keep pace with XCOM's ever improving protective gear.

SPARK Armor Edit

SPARK Armors are exclusive to the Shen's Last Gift DLC, and can only be equipped on SPARK units. They do not provide any special attributes or abilities, but an unlimited supply of armors will be granted once the required build order in Engineering has finished. Each iteration will grant more health, mobility, and an extra armor point as technology progresses.

  1. SPARK Armor
  2. Reinforced Frame
  3. Anodized Chassis

Reaper ArmorEdit

  1. Reaper Armor
  2. Plated Reaper Armor
  3. Powered Reaper Armor

Skirmisher ArmorEdit

  1. Skirmisher Armor
  2. Plated Skirmisher Armor
  3. Powered Skirmisher Armor

Templar ArmorEdit

  1. Templar Armor
  2. Plated Templar Armor
  3. Powered Templar Armor


  • All armors increase a soldier's Hit Points, while only the Warden Armor, Icarus Armor, and all of the Heavy and SPARK Armors increase the Armor stat.
    • Yellow pips on a soldier's health bar indicate Armor points. Any incoming damage will be reduced by this value. Armor does not get "used up," and will continue to offer protection unless the attack includes the armor shredding characteristic. In that case, the attack will destroy a number of armor points, equivalent to the shredding value, for the rest of the mission.
  • The Hazmat Vest, Hellweave, Nanoscale Vest, Plated Vest, and Stasis Vest are considered utility items and may be combined with any of the above armor systems.
    • Similarly armor does not preclude the use of Mindshield, Overdrive Serum or any PCS, and may in fact lead to powerful combinations.
    • In general, use vests to fit the situation. Hazmat Vests are redundant on operatives with the Fortress ability, and can be shifted to other units lacking the ability. Stasis Vests are helpful when attempting to conserve medkits, or if the damage taken isn't particularly worrying. Hellweave vests are useful when facing off against Lost or Chryssalids, while the Plated Vest is best used on operatives wearing heavy armor, in order to combine the armor points. Nanoscale Vests should be given to low-rank soldiers not expecting to see active duty, if only to improve survivability and get some use out of the investment if nothing else.
  • Consider shifting one of a kind armor suits to "B-team" operatives once their more powerful variants have become available. This allows your most powerful operatives to field cutting edge technology, while ensuring that the backup team has decent gear. This can be useful until top of the line armor can be produced in quantities large enough to equip all desired operatives.

Table of ArmorsEdit

Name Type Health Armor Mobility Dodge Item Slots Special Attributes
Kevlar Armor Basic 1
Resistance Warrior Kevlar Armor Basic 1
Spider Suit Light +4 +1 +20 1 Grapple
Wraith Suit Light +6 +2 +25 1 Grapple, Wraith
Serpent Suit Light +5 +1 +35 1 Grapple, Frostbite, Panic Vipers
Serpent Armor Light +7 +2 +40 1 Grapple, Frostbite, Panic Vipers
Predator Armor Medium +4 2
Warden Armor Medium +6 +1 2
Icarus Armor Medium +7 +1 +1 2 Vault, Icarus Jump, Panic Archons
E.X.O. Suit Heavy +5 +1 1 Heavy Weapon slot
W.A.R. Suit Heavy +6 +2 1 Heavy Weapon slot, Shieldwall
R.A.G.E. Suit Heavy +6 +1 +1 1 Heavy Weapon slot, Rage Strike, Panic Mutons and Berserkers
R.A.G.E. Armor Heavy +7 +2 +1 1 Heavy Weapon slot, Rage Strike, Panic Mutons and Berserkers
Hazmat Vest Utility Item, Experimental Armor +2 Grants immunity to Fire, Acid and Poison
Hellweave Utility Item +2 Burns enemies that try to attack in melee
Nanoscale Vest Utility Item +1
Plated Vest Utility Item, Experimental Armor +2 +1
Stasis Vest Utility Item, Experimental Armor +2 Regenerate 2 HP per turn. Up to 8 HP per a mission

See alsoEdit

Tier Shotguns:
Sniper Rifles:
(Specialists, Rangers, Psi Operatives and Rookies)
Tier 1 Shotgun Cannon Sniper Rifle Assault Rifle
Tier 2 Shard Gun Mag Cannon Gauss Rifle Magnetic Rifle
Tier 3 Storm Gun Beam Cannon Plasma Lance Plasma Rifle
Chosen Arashi (none) Darklance Disruptor Rifle
Tier Swords:
Grenade Launchers:
(Psi Operatives)
Tier 1 Sword Grenade Launcher Pistol GREMLIN Psi Amp
Tier 2 Arc Blade Advanced Grenade Launcher Mag Pistol GREMLIN Mark II Advanced Psi Amp
Tier 3 Fusion Blade (none) Beam Pistol GREMLIN Mark III Alien Psi Amp
Chosen Katana (none) Darkclaw (none) (none)
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