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The Avatar Autopsy is a research project completed through the Shadow Chamber project in XCOM 2. It can only be done after all other Shadow Chamber projects are complete.

In-Game Description[]


The aliens built an elaborate new society, a government structure and a system of careful manipulation solely to fuel the creation of this, their so-called "Avatar". At the cost of countless human lives, they have finally succeeded.

Autopsy Commentary[]

This creature represents a near perfect mix of Human and Elder DNA. Though remarkable, it appears as if the creature were unfinished, perhaps why we were able to ultimately defeat it. Still this can lead me to only one logical conclusion....

Elder appears: We had such hope for you.

I believe we have found our Avatar.

Project Report[]

Codename: Primarch

We have dedicated the entirety of our efforts to discovering the purpose of the Avatar Directive, and now, it seems that we're finally gaining ground on the aliens. With that said, I was shocked to see that our troops not only encountered what was fully a responsive Avatar specimen, but that it engaged them in combat and was subsequently dispatched with only moderate difficulty.

With all that went into direction, somehow I expected that the Avatar would be a foe unlike any other, something perhaps even beyond our own capabilities to counter. Initially, it appeared as though my assumptions were wrong.

Humanoid in form, the physical attributes of the Avatar specimen are, on the surface, wholly unremarkable. It has a musculature systems not all that unlike of a young adult human, with no obvious genetic adulterations to enhance its physical strength or agility. At this point I could only surmise that the aliens focused entirely on what lies beneath the Avatar's seemingly ordinary structure.


  • The report code name of "Primarch", appears to be a reference to the warhammer 40k Universe.