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POI Avenger


The Avenger is a converted alien supply craft that serves as XCOM's mobile base of operations, featured in XCOM 2. Formerly used by the aliens to transport large amounts of supplies, the vessel that would become the Avenger was recovered by the reborn XCOM crew, who quickly turned it into their new base of operations.

Though the ship remained grounded due to a lack of key components, preventing it from becoming fully operational, it nevertheless remained key to the struggle against the alien forces occupying Earth.

Following the rescue of The Commander, the reinstated leader of XCOM directs the organization's troops to recover an alien power core, capable of getting the ship off the ground. Following the recovery and installation of the component, with the Avenger flight-ready, the crew prepares to return to service once again.



XCOM's Avenger.

Functionally similar to XCOM's original underground base, the Avenger utilizes an 'ant-farm' interior, where the ship's facilities and rooms are located. First requiring that the debris within be cleared, once empty, the various rooms of the ship's depths can be turned into facilities needed to fight the war against the aliens. Certain facilities provide bonuses to others, necessitating proper placement of these rooms, while some parts of the ship have exposed power wiring, providing either a significant boost to the ship's overall power output or a facility receiving power for free, depending on player choices.

A mission during the campaign revolves around defending the Avenger against attacking alien forces; the mission does not take place within the ship itself.


The Avenger features several static facilities:

There are 12 rooms in the Avenger that can be cleared to allow the player to build additional facilities from the list below. Most facilities can be upgraded to provide extra output. The values for an upgraded facility are in parenthesis.

    There are clarifying notes below the chart.
Facility Build Cost Power Need Engineer Build Time Upkeep Cost Output Description
Resistance Ring (WotC) §80 3 (7) 1 12 days §10 (70) Covert actions & resistance orders1 Engineer: Covert action duration -33%
Training Center (WotC) §125 3 - 12 days §30 Retrain/gain new soldier abilities & high rank bonds
Infirmary (WotC) §115 3 1 21 days


Heals wounds & Removes Negative Traits1 Engineer: Wounded soldiers heal twice as fast
Advanced Warfare Center (Base game) §80 (§175) 3 1 21 days §35 Heals wounds & retains soldier abilities.

50 (+100)% Wound Recovery Time.

Guerrilla Tactics School §85 (§100) 3 - 14 days §25 Access to Squad Upgrades
Proving Ground §100 (§125) 3 1 7 days §25 Access to Projects.

(-50% Project Time)

Laboratory §125 (§150) 3 (6) - 20 days §35 10% faster research.

1 Scientist: -10% research time

2 Scientists: -19% research time.

Workshop §125 (§150) 1 (3) 1 (2) 20 days §35 2 (4) Staffing Gremlins
Power Relay §80 (§225) - 1 (2) 12 days §10 (§20) +3 Power [empty room], +10 Power [Exposed Power Coil room].1 Engineer: +5 Power, 2 Engineers: +10 Power.
Resistance Comms §110 (§160) 3 (7) 1 (2) 16 days §25 (§60) 3 Resistance contacts

1 Engineer: +2 contacts, 2 Engineers: +6 contacts.

Defense Matrix §75 (§150) 2 (4) 1 14 days §10 (§20) 2 (4) Turrets to defend against ground assaults.

1 Engineer: increase defense turret stats.

Psi Lab §175 (§250) 5 (10) 1 21 days §55 (§105) 1 (2) Training Slots.

1 Engineer: -50% training time.

Shadow Chamber §125 (§200) 5 (9) - 14 days §30 Access to Shadow Projects

NOTES about Chart Data:

  • Upgrading a facility is instantaneous, there is no construction time.
  • Number of possible Engineers (or Staffing Gremlins, if adjacent to a Workshop) that can be staffed in each facility, when Engineer(s) are staffed in a facility they provided additional resistance contacts, defense turret stats or reduction % time in their respective facility (See Output Description).
  • Power Relay Upgrades:
    • Power Conduit: +2 Power [normal Power Relay] OR +9 [when upgrading a Power Coil Relay room]. Adds an additional workstation, allowing an additional Engineer to be staffed. Costs: 80 Supplies
    • Elerium Conduit: +6 Power [normal Power Relay] OR +13 Power [when upgrading a Power Coil Relay room]. Costs: 150 Supplies and 20 Elerium Crystals.


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