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Axiom is an agent in XCOM: Chimera Squad.


Born and trained on an invasion transport ship, Axiom landed on Earth in 2015 and was among the first wave of alien invaders. Throughout the occupation, he provided security for high-value targets across numerous ADVENT city centers and facilities. After ADVENT’s surrender, he played a pivotal role in containing a chryssalid outbreak and limiting human casualties, earning him recognition from XCOM and eventually a place in their ranks.

Axiom masterfully controls his temper and uses his rage to fuel his strength during combat. He can smash cover, panic enemies during a Breach, and perform a devastating quake maneuver that damages all nearby enemies. You definitely don’t want to make him mad.[1]

Axiom's weapon of choice is a Shotgun.


Rank Name Description
Cadet Smash Axiom charges to a target and smashes down with both fists. Chance to disorientate, stun, or render unconscious. Higher rage improves the chance to apply a disabling effect.
Cadet Rage Higher rage raises the chance of applying disabling effects with melee attacks, but also increases the risk of going berserk. Rage can be increased manually or by taking damage.
Cadet Psych Up Axiom increases his rage. Higher rage raises the chance of applying disabling effects with melee attacks, but also increases the risk of going berserk. Rage is also gained while taking damage.
Deputy Agent Battering Ram Burst through a door breach point with a chance to panic nearby enemies. Panic chance increases with rage.
Field Agent Aftershock Upgrades Smash to apply a small amount of damage to nearby enemies. The extra targets also have a chance to become disorientated, stunned, or rendered unconscious.
Field Agent Shrug It Off Axiom has a chance to reduce the damage from an incoming attack to one (20% chance).
Special Agent Adrenal Surge Smash and Psych Up do not end the turn or have cooldowns. Four turn cooldown.
Senior Agent Fear Factor Upgrades Smash to give it a chance to panic nearby enemies. Chance increases with Rage.
Senior Agent Regeneration Axiom regenerates a small amount of HP at the start of his turn (2 HP).
Principal Agent Quake Axiom leaps up and slams the ground, destroying nearby cover and damaging nearby units. One use per mission.


Rank Name Days


Cadet Basic Conditioning 2 +2 Hit Points
Special Agent Unlock Potential 3 +1 Mobility and +1 Armor
Principal Agent Counterattack 5 Axiom has a chance to counterattack any melee attack against him, ignoring the damage of the attacker and hitting the attacker.


  • If desired, Mindshield can be equipped on Axiom to prevent him from permanently activating Berserk status during a mission. Alternatively, Overdrive Serum can also prevent Berserk from activating during its effective duration. These measures prevent Axiom from unexpectedly chasing down enemies, though it can also prevent opportunities to deal free damage from his rampage.