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TheBureau Axis

Axis is an enemy in The Bureau: XCOM Declassified. Axis is a Zudjari commander encountered by William Carter during the mission Not of This Earth.


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Axis has armor and a strong shield and is capable of teleporting. Axis is very accurate with his Plasma Assault Cannon and also has a powerful area attack that can deal huge damage to the whole squad. He is also protected by a shield that will need to be deactivated via three switches before he can be damaged.

For most of the battle, Axis will attempt to teleport short distances to avoid fire, though he will generally stay in the middle platform unless an explosive (say, a Blaster Launcher salvo) flushes him out to the side halls. As cover is plenty to be found, and high ground is readily available where the second switch is located, one can win this battle quite quickly if they command their agents to remain in cover and take potshots while occasionally dodging any grenades tossed their way. Agent Angela Weaver will also be providing sniper support during the fight, which can be spammed for great effect as it ignores cover and deals high damage.

The true threats in this arena comes in the form of the Gun Turret near Axis' original location and the many Mutons who will deploy in when the player nears the switches. The Phantoms dotting the area can be picked off with ease, especially so if the player's team has a Recon, spams Weaver sniper support constantly, or has a sniper rifle.


Axis appears in the game The Bureau: XCOM Declassified and is voiced by Jean-Benoît Blanc.


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