For the enemy in XCOM: Enemy Unknown, see Berserker (XCOM: Enemy Unknown).

The Berserker is an alien encountered in XCOM 2.

They appear in May (June on Legend) followed by Advent troops (and later by some aliens, like Mutons and Chryssalids). Pods with multiple Berserkers can appear in mid-August (late October on Legend).


This evolution is just as mean and aggressive as its original counterpart, yet even more intimidating and animalistic. Unlike its previous incarnation, this Berserker is twice the size of other Mutons. After years of genetic tampering, it has become less a thinking squad member and more a monster to be unleashed upon the unfortunate. When enraged it appears to attack its own teammates if no XCOM soldiers are within dashing distance.


Enrage: Upon taking damage mobility increases. May cause Blind Rage, causing Berserkers to attack their own allies.

Devastating Blow: the Berserker's melee attack. Can potentially stun targets hit.

Tactics Edit

  • Berserkers lack the leaping ability of Faceless and Chryssalids, as such blocking off a ladder can stop them from being able to attack. Similarly, luring them to a rooftop, then blowing out the floor beneath them can grant you an extra turn of safety.
  • Berserker melee attacks have a chance to stun targets hit, or even knock wounded units unconscious. Keep wounded units away from Berserkers to minimize the risk of units being knocked unconscious.


  • The Berserker has been mentioned by Firaxis developer Garth DeAngelis to have the strongest melee attack in the game. Though the Andromedon's melee attack does 7-10 damage unlike the Berserker's 5-8 melee damage, though this could have been a change made after the statement was made.
  • In Pax Prime Panel, developer team talks about the Berserker, mentioning several times "... she is really really ... retained her size ..." and so forth. This can be confirmed in-game by reading the ability text for the Berserkers attacks - all Berserkers are female.
  • The Berserker has an Enraged ability that will trigger when hit.
  • The Berserker can break through walls and cover.
  • The Berserker will appear in a savage SITREP.