The Berserker Queen, or Subject Beta, is a special, and far more powerful, Berserker alien.

She is one of 3 Alien Rulers you will meet. In terms of damage, she probably is the strongest, but not the hardest to kill.

Like other rulers, she does one action after every action any XCOM squad member takes, during a special "Ruler Reaction" phase.


This Berserker not only has been genetically modified, but also given substantially altered equipment tied directly to its central nervous system. Extreme care should be taken when attempting to disconnect any of the embedded systems.


  • Like the Berserkers she is derived from, she has high mobility and strong melee damage. She also destroys most cover by running through it, or when she does a melee attack.
  • Faithbreaker: A powerful scream which triggers a Will test for every XCOM unit. If failed, the unit will panic.
  • Quake: A ground pound that deals 1-3 damage in a four tile radius around her and knocks units back with a chance to disorient, stun or knock unconscious.
  • Like other rulers, she will summon a psionic gate after a few turns, or after taking too much damage, and attempt to escape. If she does so, you will encounter her again in a future mission, with the remaining life and armor she had when she escaped.


  • Like all alien rulers, you can unlock a new research by killing her, which let you develop an armor based on her appearance and abilities: the R.A.G.E. Suit.
  • Ending turns will not trigger the defrost tick on Alien rulers. This makes it possible to completely shut down a ruler by only attacking with Lightning Hands and ending turns to refresh the cooldown.