Bioeletric Skin.png

Bioelectric Skin is one of the Gene Mods in XCOM: Enemy Within.


Hidden enemies, either in the fog of war or cloaked, within a short distance are revealed with a vague bioelectric outline and grants immunity to strangulation.


This Gene Mod becomes available in the Genetics Lab after completing the Chryssalid Autopsy research.

Cost: §35, Meld15


  • Reveals nearby enemies (7-8 tiles) outside line of sight as a faint circular distortion; this includes those hidden in the fog of war that exists behind walls and doors.
  • If there is more than one soldier with Bioelectric Skin in the squad, only the enemies detected by ALL the Bioelectric Skin gene mods will be revealed. Enemies who fall outside the detection range of ANY Bioelectric Skin will not be detected at all. This makes it highly advisable to only have one Bioelectric Skin soldier in a squad at a time.
  • Also causes Seekers to end Stealth when in the range of a soldier with Bioelectric Skin.
  • An enemy revealed by Bioelectric Skin does not qualify for Squadsight.
  • Killing an unseen enemy detected by a soldier with this gene mod in single player grants the "Tingling Sensation" Achievement.
  • Civilians during Terror Site missions may create false flag readings for Bioelectric Skin including their current position, their near-future destination, and saved status presence at the Skyranger. Not sure if this is on purpose, but it is more than likely a bug. It should just be remembered that having too many seemingly cloaked hostile readings might not be what it seems.