The Black Market provides access to a basic storefront operated by a mysterious traveller. XCOM can buy additional materials using Intel. Unwanted items can be sold in exchange for Supplies.

The Black Market is a Geoscape function in XCOM 2 that allows players to both exchange Intel for various items, along with selling unwanted items for Supplies. It becomes available after completing its Rumor, typically available within the second month.

The Quid Pro Quo resistance orders and Under The Table Continent Bonuses will decrease Intel costs from buying items from the Black Market by 33% and increase supply gains from selling items by 50% respectively.


The Black Market's item supply and item interest will change each month. Items that have not been bought will be replaced with the new stock. The Black Market is able to sell the following:

The Black Market will sell a certain number of these items each month, each of which can be bought once.


Players are also able to sell any quantity of items they want at the Black Market for Supplies, including items purchased from the Black Market itself. These prices depend on the particular item being sold. These prices do not vary, with some exceptions. The Black Market will buy any item XCOM has with the exception of the Codex Brain, unique weapons/armors, and key items such as the Psi Gate.

The Black Market will show interest in certain items in XCOM's stock, and will pay more Supplies for these items. Two to three items will have the Black Market's interest each month.

The game does not explain which items can be freely sold and which are used for manufacturing. The following items can be sold without a second thought after completing research (though amassing corpses helps unlock instant autopsies, see numbers in parentheses - normal/legendary difficulty).

The following items are used for proving ground projects: