FeruEnzeru FeruEnzeru 12 November 2017

HELP: XCOM 1 Soldier Voice Lines (Comment Here)

I was middle of looking for XCOM 1/EU/EW Soldier Voice Lines (American English, British English, Australian English, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish, German, etc.) on YouTube.

I would like to listen the Russian quotes (Male or Female voices 1-5) on there, and they don't have any on YT.

Only problem is, they might be stored in the game files.

I want to listen to Russian quotes from Soldiers.

I need some comments on what i'm looking for actually.

Any questions, leave me a message or leave me a comment on this blog.

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FeruEnzeru FeruEnzeru 29 September 2017

No Templar Mission? (Comment here)

Hi i was middle of watching WotC videos on YT. And there is no "Meet the Templars" story mission similar to Operation Lost and Abandoned.

I don't play XCOM 2 since i don't wanna do XCOM fandom, but i watch XCOM on YouTube.

That's all.

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FeruEnzeru FeruEnzeru 7 September 2017

XCOM Game Wishlist (Comment here)

  1. XCOM: Terror from the Deep (2019, 2020 or 2022?). (I haven't played XCOM 2 since i played XCOM:EU/EW 2012-2013. WotC's my favorite one better than vanilla XCOM 2. I get bored and tired of YouTube, videos and video playlist. I watch some LW2 videos by DerAva and xwynns. Who cares)
  2. XCOM: Enemy Unknown Remastered/Extended with mod and Steam Workshop support (2022 or 2032?). (I'm sad that XCOM 1 has no mod support. Its important that my favorite XCOM game can have other mods instead of Long War)
  3. XCOM Skirmisher (First Person Game 2018, 2023,  2028, 2032 or 2038?). (I think i'm going to bed and dream that an XCOM first person shooter that lets the Skirmisher rip some heads off like AVP. That will be cool)
  4. Any remakes of Apocalypse, Interceptor and…
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Knakveey Knakveey 22 February 2016

XCOM 2: Fannotation

XCOM 2 was recently released and we wanted to celebrate with the fans by putting together a Fannotation Video. The trailer above was launched along with the game's release and there is some interesting trivia to be digested. Have a watch and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Knakveey Knakveey 18 February 2016

XCOM Crash Course and Developer Interviews

Have you been playing a ton of XCOM like us? Or are you still unsure if this is a game for you? Well, here at Wikia, we put together some videos that we think you'll find interesting.

For those of you who haven't played much XCOM or none at all, be sure to watch this video below that goes over the history of the series and catches you up to the newest addition.

Veterans of the XCOM series might find the next to videos to be of interest. Wikia was lucky enough to be able to interview two developers from the new game. Some questions regarding the reason for features, story and more are asked. You can watch them below;

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Matt Hadick Matt Hadick 5 February 2016

XCOM 2 Crash Course Video

Hey XCOM fans! In celebration of today's release of the hotly anticipated XCOM 2, we've put together a few videos summarizing the series' past, present, and future.

This Crash Course video provides an overview of the XCOM series history, starting with 1994's XCOM.

Additionally, we got the chance to sit down with XCOM 2 lead producer Garth Deangelis and designer Mark Nauta. We picked their brains about new systems, mod support, and lessons learned from developing XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Check out those videos below:

As always, let us know what you think in the comments!

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Trogdr Trogdr 22 January 2016

War stories of XCOM

down in the comments write about some awesome stories you have about XCOM whether it would be a badass soldier who saved the campaign a failed mission and things like that, i cannot await the stories and then 1 month after xcom 2 im gonna make a new page about XCOM2 stories and we can compaare them to see how badass a story we can make now then start writing a story.

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Psi master14 Psi master14 9 January 2016

Looking for a fight

Hey Im looking for players to battle online. xcom enemy within or enemy unknown. i play on ps3 and there doesnt seem to be many people anymore. i would love to get some gamertags of people who like to play xcom :)

Again i play on playstation 3, and either play Xcom: Enemy unknown or Xcom: Enemy within, thank you :)

(IF anyone still plays anymore)

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Jimmy Wen Jimmy Wen 23 November 2015

Xcom: Resurrection

Alright, its some time ago that the book XCOM: Resurrection was released, yet information about it was limited.

The book explores much of the aftermath of the post alien victory/ Xcom defeat. It takes place pre XCOM 2.

It even wasn't posted on this wikia. So why?

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Pinkachu Pinkachu 15 July 2015

Expert Showcase: XCOM 2 - Special Edition

Just before E3 2015, I announced an exciting opportunity for Wikia to visit with the developers of XCOM 2 and present questions from the community. Thanks to your excellent contributions, we are thrilled to show you a Special Edition of Wikia's Expert Showcase featuring community questions answered by Garth DeAngeles, the Lead Producer of XCOM 2. 

Check out the video below!

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MA4585159 MA4585159 8 July 2015

XCOM 2 fifth class

Alright, because we've began this discussion on Steam, yet Steam doesn't have this nifty feature, I'm bringing the discussion here. Please do not stuff ballots, I'm making predictions here!


It's a Psychic Operative. Youtube Video here breaking down the class skills.

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Pinkachu Pinkachu 11 June 2015

E3 2015 Community Q&A - What does the future hold for XCOM

Hello XCOM fans! Wikia may have an exciting opportunity at E3 2015 to visit with the developers of XCOM. What does the future hold for XCOM? What do you want to know from the creators? Let us know for an upcoming Community Q&A!

Leave any and all questions you have for the XCOM team in the comments below. We plan to bring your questions to the developers and post their answers as soon as we can. While we can't promise to get every question answered, we will do our best to bring you information straight from the source.

Please use the comment section below and have your questions to us no later than 5pm PT on Sunday, June 14th.

UPDATE:  The questions were presented to the developers and we have created a special video for the community to enjoy…

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Spitecan Spitecan 2 November 2014

Possible Game Suggestions

Over time whilst I have replayed Xcom enemy within.

I keep thinking how good it would be to play as the opposite side, instead of seeing what would happen if XCOM won. Play as EXALT. The base being the building where EXALT HQ was. Be able to research alien weapons and the aliens themselves, use weapons of XCOM when you defeat them.

Instead of alien abductions, alien interceptions. Sleeper cells requesting help instead of the council, to aid in removing countries from XCOM. And even opposing covert operations done by XCOM such as defending Com posts, and hacking XCOM encrpters and transmitters.

Whilst showing what would happen if EXALT won the battle against XCOM and took over the governments of the earth. Whilst also removing the alien threat…

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ZeroOne ZeroOne 12 October 2014

Civilization: Beyond Earth leaders reimagined as XCOM soldiers

Greetings, fellow fans of Firaxis! I'm ZeroOne and I hail from the Official Civilization Wikia. As you may know, it's less than two weeks until the newest Firaxis game, Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth comes out. Also, back in July 2013 they published an expansion for Civilization V, called Brave New World. In that expansion a new unit was added: the XCOM Squad! How cool is that?! Putting together the aforementioned facts it dawned on me that it's about time to put something Civ into XCOM as well. So may I present: the Beyond Earth leaders reimagined as XCOM soldiers!

If there are any artists around here, Kevin from Firaxis threw out a little challenge on Twitter: "I now want to see XCOM get the BE treatment. Supremacy Vahlen. Harmony Shen. Pur…

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TheBlueRogue TheBlueRogue 2 March 2014

Sid Meier Interview Opportunity

Calling out to all Wikians, Wikia has secured an exciting opportunity to participate in an interview with the one and only, Sid Meier. Meier is a programmer, designer and producer of several popular strategy video games and simulation video games.

Meier is also the Director of Creative Development of Firaxis Games. He has helped develop a variety of successful titles, including Ace Patrol, Pirates!, and Alpha Centauri.

UPDATE: Sid Meier has answered your questions! Read his responses in the Answers Blog Post!

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MA4585159 MA4585159 20 November 2013

Roger! Verstanden! Принято!

One thing I've been wondering for quite a bit... Now that all players have access to all localized soldier voice files, a question arises:

In the off chance I missed one, leave a comment.

Rather surprising, but on a second though, not so much - at least two interviews mentioned it as the language they'd be using.

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Pseudobread Pseudobread 9 October 2013

XCOM: Enemy Within Community Question Answers

Hello XCOM fans!

Sorry about the delay, but the embargo on the Enemy Within interview is finally up, so we can post the answers to the questions that you guys asked over here!

We sat down with Ananda Gupta, Lead Designer for Enemy Within and he fielded your questions. There's a lot of new info to take in here, so check out the interview below and go update those pages! Thanks to everyone who chipped in, especially MA4585159 and Monkeybite!

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Pseudobread Pseudobread 2 October 2013

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Hanger 6 DLC announced

Good news for fans of The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, as 2K has just announced a new DLC expansion for the game, Hangar 6 R&D. The DLC is a prequel of sorts, and will center around Agent DaSilva and the psychic experiments that took place in the mysterious Hangar 6. Veteran players will be happy to hear the DLC will have a steeper difficulty than the regular game, and features a variety of new weapons. The DLC is scheduled for an October 8th release exclusively on Xbox 360 and will retail for $4.99.

Check out the whole story here.

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Pseudobread Pseudobread 20 September 2013

XCOM: Enemy Within Community Q&A

Hello XCOM Wiki Editors,

Good news! We've been given an opportunity to sit down with XCOM's lead designer next week for a Q&A session about the upcoming expansion pack, XCOM: Enemy Within. That said, we'd love to get some questions from you, the XCOM Wiki community. You guys know the game better than anyone, and we'd love to field some questions for you.

How will traditional tactics be shaken up by the new additions of Gene Mods, MEC Troopers, and additional weapons? What aspects of the new DLC are you most interested in seeing? Feel free to post whatever questions you'd like to know in the comments, and we'll ask them.


UPDATE: Check out the answers to your questions over here!

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Doberfitz Doberfitz 13 September 2013

Multiplayer Life

Check out an Xcom PVP Ranked blog: http://xcom-pvp.blogspot.com/

Sample video:

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Aaron Henry Aaron Henry 10 September 2013

Other Xcom Games

Is someone going to make tabbs for the other xcom games like Ufo defense?

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Pseudobread Pseudobread 29 August 2013

Wikian Review Blog - The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

Hello XCOM Wiki members!

It's been a week since the release of The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, and hopefully you've had enough time to determine what you think of it. Why is that? Well the idea behind "Wikian Review" is that we gauge what you, the Wikia XCOM community, really thought of the game. Given that you're all experts on the franchise, it only makes sense that you'd be the most qualified to determine whether or not it succeeded.

Please vote in the poll below, or leave a more detailed summary of your thoughts in the comments. It should make an interesting companion piece to the critical reviews of the game, which we collected here.

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Pseudobread Pseudobread 29 July 2014

Review Roundup: The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

It's been a rocky road for XCOM's reemergence, with a scrapped FPS, a long development time, and a lot of reworking behind it. While XCOM: Enemy Unknown was an unabashed success, The Bureau has a more checkered past. Can it live up to its sister game's glory?

Check out the critical response below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

Blacklist has received no negative reviews as of yet.

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Pseudobread Pseudobread 22 July 2013

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Starter Guide

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JAlbor JAlbor 29 May 2013

Questions for XCOM: Enemy Unknown on iOS

So according to a few past announcement and interviews, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the hit PC game of last year, is getting ported to iOS for your tablet enjoyment. If we were to have the opportunity to talk to a developer on XCOM iOS, what would you like to know about the port? Design changes? Anything else?

Let me know in the comments below!

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BioBrain BioBrain 11 May 2013



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Agent c Agent c 28 April 2013

The Bureau


As you may have become aware from recent press reports, this is not the first time the Earth has faced an extra-terrestrial threat.

Until now the council had classified this information on a need-to-know basis, but with recent speculation in the media, it has been determined that you now need to know.

The incident, which we have classified "The Bureau" occured during 1962, with the XCOM project's USA precursor project dealing with a major threat.

As you can appreciate, with the event so far in the past, it will take us time to move all documents from the archives and construct simulations of the event for training purposes. We expect to have this process complete this August.

We trust you will use this information wisely.

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Agent c Agent c 15 April 2013

XCOM Shooter/RPG taken offline


As you will recall, the "Enemy Unknown" project was not the only XCOM project sanctioned by the council. However, we are disappointed to report that the other project appears to have gone dark.

The "Digital Trends" newsgathering site has noticed that several of the sites hosting XCOM content have gone dark in recent days. Videos placed by the team have also apparently been removed from video sharing sites.

We will continue to update you as more news becomes available.

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Lizzunchbox Lizzunchbox 28 March 2013

GDC 2013: Julian Gollop on XCOM: UFO Defense

Lizzunchbox here. Wikia Games attended Julian Gollop’s post-mortem on XCOM: UFO Defense. It was fascinating to hear Mr. Gollop speak about the challenges, trials, and success of one of the most influential games in PC gaming history, and the odd legacy that followed it.

Here are some of the highlights and interesting factoids of his talk:

  • The design document for XCOM: UFO Defense was only 12 pages long (“It was the first design doc I had ever written”). The concept was so progressive at the time that Gollop had to travel to Microprose (the game’s publisher) to explain the concept in more detail. Still though, according to Gollop, “the game in its final form didn’t change a whole lot from the original design document”
  • Gollop still considers th…
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Agent c Agent c 25 March 2013

XCOM announced for iOS


We appreciate that it is hard for you to remain in full command of the XCOM forces whilst you are away from Headquarters. In order to remove this impediment to success, I'm pleased to announce that the XCOM: Enemy Unknown system is now in development for iOS at our China facility.

As you would expect this will be a full conversion of the tools you have grown to expect from the system, with enhancements made to account for the special control system the iPad and iPhone offer. We will need to reduce the number of maps available to you however.

We expect to have this available for you this summer.

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TheBlueRogue TheBlueRogue 22 March 2013

XCOM: Enemy Unknown at GDC 2013

Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) is the world’s largest and longest-running gaming professionals industry event. The conference contains 400 lectures, panels, tutorials and round-table discussions on a comprehensive selection of game development topics taught by leading industry experts. GDC 2013 begins March 25th and lasts March 29th.

This year, XCOM: Enemy Unknown will featured in a panel discussing the game's AI. The session summary can be found below. We would like to ask, is there any elements or details of this session that you would be interested in getting more information about? How about any questions that you would like answered? Let us know in the comments: we will be attending this session, and can help gather the answers you s…

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JAlbor JAlbor 21 December 2012

2012 Community Choice Awards

Hello there XCOM Wikians! I just wanted to let you know that today, Wikia launched its site-wide Community Choice Awards! Right now, you can vote on nineteen game-focused categories and even submit your own nominations for entries. Right now, XCOM: Enemy Unknown has nominations in Game of the Year , Biggest Surprise , and Most Dangerous Villain !

Of course you can vote for whatever you like. In fact, I encourage you to add your own nominations if you have a favorite not listed. Be sure to vote on all the categories by clicking RIGHT HERE or on the header above!

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Venomwon Venomwon 19 November 2012

Is there any other ships besides the firestorm? How do you get to other countries?

I was just wondering how in the hell am I suppose to get to other countries so I dont lose them are there any other ships?

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MA4585159 MA4585159 2 November 2012

Got a friend in customs?

I looked at the featured poll and it didn't have the option I need. 21 days after release, and the Xbox version is not yet on the shelves in Moscow.

Now, what the heck could be going on? Is it an issue with the recently-introduced media material rating system (which recognises PEGI, by the way), or do our beloved customs officers want a bigger bribe? For comparison: PC version is right there and ready. Medal of Honor: Warfighter is there. Halo: Reach made it in two weeks after the global release.

Cm'on, people, do you want to get eaten by Chryssalids?

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Warmachine375 Warmachine375 25 October 2012

Is there an official name for the Aliens in XCOM: Enemy Unknown?

I wonder what is the official name for the XCOM: Enemy Unknown Aliens because it's weird that they have no official race name in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

No offense but, in my opinion, the creators of this game should make an official name for them.

Let me know on your reactions on the comments below. Okay?

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Wagnike2 Wagnike2 15 October 2012

Base Building 101

When I bought XCOM: Enemy Unknown, I admittedly wasn't sure of what I was getting into. I probably should have done more research prior to purchasing the game, but some of the surprises definitely enhanced my gameplay. I had no idea that the Base was such an important gameplay aspect. In the base, players can conduct research, build up troops, and control things from the situation room. As a total newbie, I had no idea of what strategy to employ at first - however, after a few play throughs here are some suggestions for base building.

  • 1 1. Horizontal is the Key
  • 2 2. Listen to the Prompts
  • 3 3. Satellites Are Key
  • 4 4. Weapons and Armor
  • 5 5. Plan Ahead
  • 6 6. Embrace Defeat
  • 7 7. Your Tips

Building horizontal across the base is the easiest and the most cost eff…

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JAlbor JAlbor 12 October 2012

XCOM vs Dishonored?

Oh the winter glut of video games has begun! The sheer amount of games that I desperately want to play - scratch that, have to play, is absolutely amazing. Yes, I have been playing Dishonored (It's so good!), but I have also been playing Borderlands 2 and I am still itching to play XCOM: Enemy Unknown with a fiery passion and Pokemon Black & White (that's right, I have no shame about it either).

IGN has a great video about the games coming out the week, which you can check out below. Also, let me know what ELSE you are playing this week in the comments below! Anything I should we should get our hands on? Anything discarded to the side while you play XCOM? And, perhaps most interestingly, does playing more than one game at the same time affec…

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MA4585159 MA4585159 11 October 2012

Memo: Operation Names

To: all XCOM agents

Classified: No


According to anonymous forces within XCOM Command, operation names are assigned completely at random. Hence, massive creation of entries on operations does not apper prudent.

A currently known exclusion is Operation Devil's Moon.

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Wagnike2 Wagnike2 10 October 2012

XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Review Roundup

Yesterday, as most of us fanatics know, XCOM: Enemy Unknown was released. A few critics have weighed in with their thoughts about the game. Here are a few snippets from publications on both the Internet and print. Make sure to voice your opinions on the matter below

  • 1 Loved It
  • 2 Thought It Was Okay
  • 3 Hated It
  • 4 Wikian Reviews

Score: 100/100
Each mission is like a hand of poker -- a skilled player will win most of the time by calculating odds and making safe bets, but when the luck of the cards turns against you, the best you can do is minimize your losses. I've had hot streaks where I've hit every reckless 30% shot I took, and conversely single turns where I've missed multiple sure-thing 80% shots. That random element means you can do everyt…

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Agent c Agent c 1 October 2012

Xcom Interactive Trailer and Steam preorder news.


To assist you in preparing for the upcoming threat, 2K games have produced the following training simulation to help you prepare for the situations XCOM is likely to face.

2K will also be making a more detailed simulation available within the month. In the meantime, if you preorder this simulation from the Steam gaming serivce, you will also recieve a free copy of the Civilisation V simulation. Let us hope that things dont get so bad we need the second one.


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TheBlueRogue TheBlueRogue 22 October 2012

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Starter Guide

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Wagnike2 Wagnike2 25 September 2012

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Demo Released

Today, the demo for XCOM: Enemy Unknown has been released on Steam. This demo features two different tutorial modes that will introduce us to the X-Com base. The playable demo available right now is for PC gamers only and can be downloaded via Steam. 2K says that a playable demo for console gamers will be coming soon.

Will you be checking out the demo?

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TheBlueRogue TheBlueRogue 23 September 2012

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Developer Interview

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a brand new installment in the XCOM series. The game, set on modern-day Earth, deals with the international response to a global alien invasion. The player assumes the role of the commander of the top secret XCOM Project, the most elite military and scientific organization in the history of mankind, activated to engage in a seemingly hopeless war against an unknown extraterrestrial enemy with overwhelming technological superiority.

With a set release date of October 9th in North America fast approaching, we asked the community for questions to be answered by the developers of XCOM: Enemy Unknown Developers. We sat down with Designer Jake Solomon and Producer Garth DeAngelis to find out just how much has changed with th…

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TheBlueRogue TheBlueRogue 20 September 2012

Submit your questions for a XCOM: Enemy Unknown Developer Interview

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is an upcoming real-time strategy, turn-based tactic/roleplaying game developed by Firaxis Games and published by 2K Games. Earth is bombarded with an organized onslaught of a global alien invasion. You are the main commander of the XCOM Project: the most elite military and scientific organization the world has ever seen. You must engage an enemy of immense strength and technological superiority.

Submit any questions you may have about gameplay, the backstory, features, the development process, or anything else related to the game and it could be answered by the developers themselves!

Questions will be submitted at 5PST today, so get them in quick!

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Lizzunchbox Lizzunchbox 16 August 2012

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Gameplay Preview (from GamesCom)

Along with a few other Wikians, I'm at GamesCom in Cologne Germany this week, and I had the luxury of playing XCOM for an hour today at 2K's booth. This gameplay session consisted of the first hour of the game, which contained three separate missions - two with training wheels and one without. I was super excited to play b/c I remember playing the original XCOM game back in the mid 1990s when it was first released.

I'll admit to being a former journalist, but I'm going to try to keep this post as straightforward as possible. The game was in German, so I wasn't able to absorb all the plot points, but I was able to get the gist of things. (And learn some German to boot!)

Let's get started...

The game starts with a great Arthur C. Clarke quote:


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Agent c Agent c 19 June 2012

XCOM General Staff Briefing - 19 June 2012

Classification Level: Black

To: Supreme Commander XCOM
From: Cmdr Jake Gaston, Chief of staff.


Enclosed is your general briefing for 19 June 2012. Current reports from all departments are on schedule for full activation of operations on October 9.

  • 1 Operations Division
    • 1.1 Community Video 1 - Jake Solomon
  • 2 Signals/Inteligence Directorate
    • 2.1 Destructiod
    • 2.2 Gameinformer
    • 2.3 RTSGuru.com
  • 3 Procurement and Supply Division
  • 4 XCOM Archives - The Tunguska Incident
  • 5 End of Report

Jake Solomon from the XCOM Operations division has supplied the following video update:

The X-COM Signals/Inteligence Directorate have been monitoring global communications and have noted the following references to our project. The source of any leaks should be investigated as a matter …

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Agent c Agent c 12 June 2012

Enemy Unknown Preview on Ars Technica

Ars Technica has had a chance to get hands on with the new X-Com: Enemy unknown game, and have talked about the challenges balancing the expectation of Old gamers, and new gamers. Here's a few snippets.

The turn-based tactical gameplay in the newest Xcom will be extremely familiar to anyone who played the original games. You're still leading a small squad of alien hunters through urban environments shown from an isometric, overhead perspective, taking turns with the invading forces as you try to outflank them while keeping behind cover. But fans of the original game will immediately notice that the new version is a bit more accommodating to new players, with a tightly scripted 45-minute tutorial (which was all that was playable at E3) that …
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Wagnike2 Wagnike2 1 September 2011

Site Makeover

In order to help prepare this Wiki for the upcoming release of XCOM, the Wikia Content Team has decided to give this wiki a new makeover. We also have decided to implement blogs in order to help bring you news and updates about this series as it gets closer and closer to release. Please help us make this Wiki as fun and exciting for you guys as we possibly can.


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