Do it the smart way. The hard way gets you killed.


Blueblood is an agent in XCOM: Chimera Squad.


Blueblood spent his formative years in City 31, during the occupation, with his father, a third-generation police officer. When his father transitioned from police work to private investigation, Blueblood apprenticed with his father’s detective agency, helping the underserved. He joined 31PD in its inception.

Blueblood’s strengths are his strategic mind and his precision targeting, particularly with his special sidearm, the Lancer Pistol, which can blast through line-of-sight penalties and enemy cover bonuses.[1]

Blueblood's weapon of choice is his Lancer Pistol.


Rank Name Description
Cadet Deadeye Blueblood takes a shot with a -15% Aim penalty for a +50% damage boost.
Cadet Desperado Standard pistol fire and Deadeye cost an action and do not automatically end the turn if Blueblood has actions remaining.
Deputy Agent Lancer Shot Blueblood fires his Lancer Pistol at a target, ignoring all cover bonuses. (Breach mode only)
Field Agent Warm Welcome The first shot in each clip Disorientates the target.
Field Agent Ever Vigilant Blueblood automatically activates Overwatch if the last action of their turn is spent moving. Includes abilities that can provide movement, such as Subdue or Stabilize.
Special Agent Phase Lance Blueblood fires the Lancer Pistol in a straight line blast. The shot ignores line of sight and is unaffected by cover bonuses. 3 turn cooldown.
Senior Agent Fond Farewell The last shot in each clip deals double damage.
Senior Agent Cascade Lance Phase Lance upgrades to ramp up its damage for each subsequent enemy it hits in a single blast.
Principal Agent Faceoff Blueblood fires his pistol at every enemy in line of sight, limited by ammo. One use per mission.


Rank Name Days


Cadet Basic Conditioning 2 +2 Hit Points
Special Agent Unlock Potential 3 +15 Crit
Principal Agent Quick Reload 5 Reloading the pistol becomes a Free Action.


  • Keep in mind that the Lancer Pistol is a separate weapon, hence it does not benefit from weapon upgrades, or Ammo item bonuses.
  • Warm Welcome Disorientates even when the shot misses.
  • Ever Vigilant is triggered by any skill that moves Blueblood, including Torque's Tongue Pull or Shelter's Relocate.
  • Apply weapon upgrades based on which abilities you chose for Blueblood. Warm Welcome and Fond Farewell requires him to run out of ammo often, so an Autoloader is ideal, while the Phase Lance path uses a lot of ammo so Expanded Magazine is more useful.
  • Due to having Desperado, Blueblood does not benefit at all from equipping a Reflex Grip.
  • Consider the Artful Fathom Epic Pistol as his choice of weapon, as it enables to him to fire three times per round.