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Bluescreen Rounds are a utility item in XCOM 2 that allow soldiers to debilitate mechanical enemies with their standard attacks. Unlike other ammunition types, Bluescreen Rounds are manufactured in Engineering once unlocked.

In-Game Description[]

Named for an inexplicable computing phenomenon common before the war, Bluescreen Rounds wreak havoc on targeted electronic systems.

Tactical Info[]

  • These rounds contain disruptive EMP micro burst tech, making them extremely effective against robotic opponents.


  • Robotic targets hit receive a debuff that makes them easier to hack. Reduces target tech score by 5 per hit.
  • Grants 5 bonus damage to attacks on mechanical enemies and objectives. This damage boost affects both the soldier's primary weapon and, in some cases, secondary weapon (e.g. the Sharpshooter's pistol).
  • As the Bluescreen Rounds damage bonus and tech score debuff stacks, they are incredibly compatible with Gunslinger Sharpshooters as their pistol abilities will do at minimum 5 damage plus normal pistol damage each to robotic units, along with reducing their Tech score by 5 per shot. This makes abilities like Lightning Hands and Fan Fire exceptionally deadly with Bluescreen Rounds equipped.
  • Heavy Gunner Grenadiers also benefit greatly from Bluescreen Rounds, with abilities like Shredder to remove the trademark heavy armor from robotic targets along with Chain Shot and Rupture to further boost damage done. Holo Targeting also makes robotic units easier to hit if they are not finished by the Grenadier's attack.
  • Skirmishers can also make good use of Bluescreen Rounds, taking advantage of their ability to attack multiple times in a turn.
  • Bluescreen Rounds are the only ammunition item in the game that is not manufactured in the Proving Ground through the Experimental Ammo Project. This means that the player does not need to gamble Elerium Cores for the chance at getting this ammo type, they can simply build them in Engineering like other items.
  • Though not explicitly stated anywhere, Bluescreen Rounds will bypass and collapse any shields created by a Shieldbearer. This property is shared with EMP Grenades/Bombs.


  • As alluded to in the item's description, Bluescreen Rounds take their name from the "Blue Screen of Death", an error screen encountered on Windows operating systems after a fatal system error.

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