Body armor is a soldier's last line of defense; upgrade often.

Body armor is used by soldiers to protect themselves against alien weapons and environmental hazards during combat missions. All soldiers are capable of equipping themselves with body armor, except MEC Troopers who equip MEC suits instead.

All body armors provide additional HP to soldiers. Damage taken against this "armor HP" does not count towards a soldier being wounded; soldiers will only require recovery time if they lose some of their base health (the green number displayed in their stats screen) during a mission. Additionally, soldiers can supplement their "armor HP" by equipping a Nano-fiber Vest, Chitin Plating, or Respirator Implant in their item slot.

The following is a list of all the body armors available in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Body Armor[]

XEU Body Armor.png

Light Armor. This is the default set of body armor for all XCOM troops. Adds +1 HP. 

Carapace Armor[]

Carapace Armor.png

Medium Armor. Adds +4 HP but doesn't have any special bonuses.

Skeleton Suit[]

Skeleton Suit (Armor).png

Medium Armor. Adds +3 HP and +10 Defense, allows the wearer to use a grappling hook to get higher vantage points, and increases movement speed by 3.

Titan Armor[]

Titan Armor (Armor).png

Heavy Armor. Gives +10 HP and immunity to fire and poison. Strangulation immunity is also conferred in XCOM: Enemy Within.

Archangel Armor[]

Archangel Armor (Armor).png

Heavy Armor. Gives +8 HP and allows 6 total moves of flight. Can be upgraded to allow for 12 fuel per mission. XCOM: Enemy Within adds fire, poison, and strangulation immunity.

Ghost Armor[]

Ghost Armor (Armor).png

Medium Armor. Allows the wearer to become invisible four times per mission for one full turn (XCOM's and the enemy's). Also contains a grappling hook, increases movement speed by 3, adds +20 Defense and +6 HP. XCOM: Enemy Within adds fire, poison, and strangulation immunity.

Psi Armor[]

XCOM-EU Psi-Armor (armor).jpg

Medium Armor. Psi Armor is the last armor available in the game and can only be equipped by soldiers who have Psi-Abilities. Grants +6 HP. Contrary to the in-game description, it increases Will by 20 instead of 30. Additionally, the armor has a hidden +10 Defense bonus and adds +2 movement.

Armor Comparison Table[]

Name Type HP Def Cost Ratio Additional Benefit
Body Armor (default) Light 01 - 0 0 -
Carapace Armor Medium 04 - 055 13.8 -
Skeleton Suit Medium 03 10 050 15.2 +3 Movement, Grappling hook
Titan Armor Heavy 10 - 250 25.0 Poison Immunity, Flame Resistance.1
Archangel Armor Heavy 08 - 378 47.3 Flight ability.2
Ghost Armor Medium 06 20 480 66.7 +3 Movement, Grappling hook, Ghost ability.2
Psi Armor Medium 06 10 560 84.8 +2 Movement, +20 Will
Nano-fiber Vest Item 02 - 015 07.5 -
Respirator Implant EW Item 02 - 035 17.5 Poison Immunity, Strangulation Immunity
Chitin Plating Item 04 - 135 33.8 Reduces melee damage by 50%.1
  • Cost is determined by including Gray Market price of materials and excluding discounts
  • Cost Ratio represents the cost effectiveness of the item and is calculated by: Cost ÷ (HP × (DEF % + 1))
  • 1 XCOM: Enemy Within adds Strangulation Immunity.
  • 2 XCOM: Enemy Within adds Poison Immunity, Flame Resistance, and Strangulation Immunity to certain late game armor types.