The Bolt Caster is a primary weapon introduced in XCOM 2's Alien Hunters DLC.


"Discovered among a cache of seemingly archaic weaponry, the Bolt Caster is deceptively powerful but limited by a slow rate of fire. Targeted enemies have a chance of being stunned on impact. This weapon is unique, and cannot be duplicated or replaced."

Tactical Info[]

  • The Bolt Caster's precision makes it more powerful than a standard Assault Rifle.
  • Each attack has a chance to stun the target, and cannot be resisted.
  • Genetically-empowered aliens are highly susceptible to being stunned.
  • Launches a single, high-damage projectile, but must be reloaded after each use.


  • If the Alien Nest mission is enabled, it must be completed before the Bolt Caster can be upgraded to Magnetic or Plasma versions.
  • Negates Dodge stat and related abilities for enemies when aiming.
  • Cannot be fitted with any kind of Weapon Upgrades.
  • Unlike the Assault Rifle and the Shotgun, the Bolt Caster does not lose accuracy due to Weapon Range penalties, making it more accurate at longer ranges, which combined with its own aim bonus makes it incredibly accurate.
  • Chance to stun target with every hit, though the chance is increased significantly when used on Alien Rulers.
  • The single-shot nature of this gun makes it impractical for Overwatch.
    • However, Specialists can make use of the Bolt Caster to negate their overall low damage potential in combination with their Overwatch abilities such as Covering Fire and the Guerrilla Tactics School upgrade Cool Under Pressure. This allows them to become far more effective, more likely to kill or stun targets hit by Overwatch shots. It does, however, render their Guardian skill useless.