Burning is a status effect in XCOM 2.

In addition to being struck by incendiary weapons, organic units may acquire the Burning status by passing through a tile that is on fire, attempting to melee a unit wearing Hellweave, or being struck by the following weapons:

The effect persists for 2 turns and during that time, the unit is subject to the following penalties:

  • Takes 1 to 4 points of burning damage, applied at the start of the unit's turn.
    • This is the only way ADVENT Purifiers can do damage. The flamethrower attack does not do damage upon firing, but at the beginning of the victim's turn.
    • If your unit catches fire by walking through a fire tile on their own turn, they can put it out by hunkering down without taking any damage.
  • Prevents reloading
  • Prevents melee attacks from Rangers, Stun Lancers & Chryssalids*
  • Prevents hacking
  • Prevents Overwatch
  • Prevents most cooldown-affected abilities, such as Suppression from the Grenadier.
  • Prevents picking up downed soldiers

Burning can be cured via moving to a tile that has water on it, using a Medikit or Medical Protocol. As of XCOM 2: War of the Chosen, burning can also be cured by using Hunker Down. The Hazmat Vest offers immunity from burning, but not the damage associated with Incendiary Grenades, Dragon Rounds or Fusion Blades. The Psi Operative's Fortress is essentially the same, save that they are immune to the blast damage from Incendiary Grenades.

Also of note is the fact that, by preventing enemies from using certain abilities, Burning indirectly alters the behavior of certain A.I. controlled units - sometimes to undesired outcomes i.e. ADVENT Priests, who normally cast Psionic abilities during their turns, will often shoot instead if set alight.

For soldier experience purpose, an enemy killed by burning at the start of their turn grants experience to the soldier that set such enemy on fire.