Alien corpses, or wrecks in the case of robotic enemies, are alien bodies recovered after each successful XCOM mission.

Alien corpse usage summary[]

Alien corpses are required to perform autopsies and several are used as resources in Engineering and the Foundry. Items that require alien corpses as a component of their manufacture are shown in the table in italic.

Corpse type Usage Quantity required
Berserker Corpse Berserker Autopsy 1
Combat Stims 1
Chryssalid Corpse Chryssalid Autopsy 1
Chitin Plating 4
Needle Grenade ** 2
Cyberdisc Wreck Cyberdisc Autopsy 1
Advanced Flight (Foundry) 2
UFO Tracking (Boost) 2
Drone Wreck Drone Autopsy 1
Advanced Flight (Foundry) 2
Drone Capture (Foundry) 4
Improved Arc Thrower (Foundry) 4
Ethereal Corpse Ethereal Autopsy 1
Mind Shield 1
Floater Corpse Floater Autopsy 1
Defense Matrix (Dodge) 3
Heavy Floater Corpse Heavy Floater Autopsy 1
Advanced Flight (Foundry) 2
Advanced Repair (Foundry) 4
Mechtoid Core EW Mechtoid Autopsy ** 1
Muton Corpse Muton Autopsy 1
Ammo Conservation (Foundry) 6
Muton Elite Corpse Muton Elite Autopsy 1
Sectoid Corpse Sectoid Autopsy 1
Xeno-Biology 4
Uplink Targeting (Aim) 3
Sectoid Commander Corpse Sectoid Commander Autopsy 1
Sectopod Wreck Sectopod Autopsy 1
Advanced Construction (Foundry) 2
Seeker Wreck EW Seeker Autopsy ** 1
Ghost Grenade ** 4
Thin Man Corpse Thin Man Autopsy 1
Improved Medikit (Foundry) 4
Gas Grenade ** 2

EW indicates a corpse of an alien added in XCOM: Enemy Within

** indicates a project or item only available in XCOM: Enemy Within

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