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Cherub is an agent in XCOM: Chimera Squad.


Cherub was among a batch of clones that had received ADVENT training but not yet undergone ADVENT indoctrination by the end of the war. He was found alive in an ADVENT lab, then transferred to a detention center for extensive testing. When the tests confirmed he had no ADVENT sympathies, he was enlisted by XCOM on a trial basis.

Cherub’s positive attitude and enthusiasm have been helping lift the morale of those around him ever since. His efforts to support his squadmates and improve their dispositions have proven his dedication on multiple occasions.[1]

Cherub's weapon of choice is a Pistol, which he wields alongside a large energy-based riot shield.


Rank Name Description
Cadet Kinetic Shield Cherub places an energy shield on self or ally to prevent all damage of the next attack. Cherub gains one charge when the energy shield is destroyed. Does not automatically end the turn.
Cadet Kinetic Shield Charge Cherub can gain up to two charges by protecting allies with Kinetic Shield. Having charge grants bonuses to several abilities.
Cadet Charged Bash Cherub bashes an enemy with the energy shield consuming all charge. If charge is consumed, deal damage in a cone behind the enemy. Damage increases with charge. Replaces subdue.
Deputy Agent Phalanx Enemies focus their fire on Cherub, ignoring all other XCOM units at this breach point. Block all damage and gain one charge point for each attack. One use per mission.
Field Agent Generator Cherub gains one charge at the end of each encounter.
Field Agent Guard At the end of the turn gain +1 armor, gain half-cover bonus even if flanked, and become half-cover for friendlies. Guard breaks after being attacked.
Special Agent Overload Cherub can now store three charges and gains bonus mobility when charged.
Senior Agent Recharge Using Charged Bash to render an enemy unconscious refills one charge.
Senior Agent Resonance Field Allies with a Kinetic Barrier gain 15 Aim.
Principal Agent Supercharge Cherubs spends all stored charges and increases the primary weapon damage of allies, while placing a Holo-target effect on all enemies. The duration of the effect increases with Charge spend. One use per mission.


Rank Name Days


Cadet Basic Conditioning 2 +2 Hit Points
Special Agent Unlock Potential 3 +2 Mobility
Principal Agent Return Fire 5 Cherub fires back at the attacker when shot


  • Return Fire can trigger only once per enemy, even if they attack twice per turn. It cannot trigger if Cherub runs out of ammo. Hence, an Expanded Magazine is recommended.
  • Kinetic Shield protects from damage, but certain debuffs will apply regardless when the agent is hit, such as Disarmed and Rooted.
  • Cherub can apply more than one Kinetic Shield simultaneously. Previously applied shields remain active. However, Cherub can't cast a shield on civilian bystanders.
  • Charged Bash causes no damage to team members caught in the cone of its attack.
  • Supercharge lasts as many turns as Cherub has charges, and will end that many rounds later after he takes his turn.
  • Supercharge only increases the damage of the primary weapons of other Agents - thus, abilities like Zephyr's Crowd Control or Claymore's Grenade are not affected.