Chryssalid Autopsy

Chryssalid Autopsy is a research project in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

In-Game DescriptionEdit


XCOM: Enemy Unknown:

A cursory examination of this creature reveals that it is similar in structure to several insect species found on Earth. Although covered in an incredibly hard exoskeleton, the six appendages of this alien are nevertheless exceedingly light and flexible.

XCOM: Enemy Within:

A cursory examination of this creature reveals that it is similar in structure to several insect species found on Earth. The multilayered structure of the specimen's exoskeleton appears to harbor some form of sensory input, possibly as an electroreceptor of some kind.

Initial FindingsEdit

Based on what we've seen in the field so far... including several grotesque examples of trauma resulting from the emergence of its young, we've taken to calling this specimen a "Chryssalid".

Project ReportEdit

Codename: Ridley

Even after years of research and study, until now I have never encountered something that is quite as beautiful, yet equally as deadly, as this species. Unlike the other aliens we've encountered thus far, it is arthropodal in nature, plated in a sleek, black exoskeleton. The "Chryssalids", as we're calling them, based on their reproductive habits, measure over three meters long from nose to tail, and stand almost two meters high when perched on their hind legs. Their attack is not only extremely deadly, but also necessary for their reproduction, as the intended victim is not immediately killed, but instead turned into what can only be described as a mindless shell, akin to a Zombie, which serves as host to its offspring. When a human is bitten an embryo is injected into the host and immediately begins to gestate. Once gestation is complete, which remarkably lasts only minutes, a newborn Chryssalid will emerge, destroying its host in the process.

One can only wonder why the aliens would use what appears to be a savage, unpredictable creature... in any case, this is certainly not a creature to be trifled with, and our troops would do well to exercise extreme caution when engaging this species. Targeting another example in the field through the Unit Analysis View may provide additional information as to its combat capabilities.

XCOM: Enemy Within amends this with:

One final note, which may be of particular interest in regards to our own genetic modification enhancement work - we have finally managed to isolate the Chryssalid exoskeleton's sensory capabilities, and they were in fact electroreceptors as I had initially suspected. It is my hope that we can use this discovery to enhance our soldiers' own abilities in regards to sensing and detecting enemy movement in the field.

Project RequirementsEdit

Chryssalid Corpse

Prerequisites: Obtain Chryssalid corpse
Research Point Cost: 40 Points
Project Cost: 1 Chryssalid Corpse

Items UnlockedEdit

Gene Mod UnlockedEdit