This article is about the XCOM: Chimera Squad agent. For the grenade-type weapon in XCOM 2, see Claymore (XCOM 2).

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Claymore is an agent in XCOM: Chimera Squad.


Claymore was a young boy when the invasion occurred. His childhood became a journey between refugee camps and city outskirts as his family sought safety wherever they could. Thanks to his engineering-professor parents and his own penchant for tinkering, Claymore taught himself the ins and outs of explosive devices and began manufacturing grenades for the resistance.

On Chimera Squad, Claymore outputs heavy damage through special-made explosives. His devices remove obstacles, allow the squad to breach dangerous facilities, and give his enemies something pretty to look at during their final moments on this planet..[1]

Claymore's weapon of choice is a Shotgun.


Rank Name Description
Cadet Shrapnel Bomb Claymore throws an explosive that detonates after several turns. The explosive does not deal damage through cover and can be targeted to detonate it early. Does not end the turn if used as first action.
Deputy Agent Concussive Charge Claymore detonates a powerful charge, rupturing all enemies near the breach point. Usable on wall breach points. One use per mission.
Field Agent Fortitude Claymore is immune to the effects of all grenades and environmental hazards.
Field Agent Improvised Explosives Claymore regenerates a charge for carried grenades at the end of each encounter.
Special Agent Sticky Grenade Claymore throws a grenade that adheres to an enemy, causing them to fall back to a new location. When the unit stops running, the grenade explodes. Four turn cooldown. Ends the turn.
Senior Agent Heavy Shrapnel Upgrades the Shrapnel Bomb to deal damage through cover.
Senior Agent Impending Doom Upgrades Shrapnel Bomb to immediately rupture targets within its blast radius upon landing.
Principal Agent Barrage Shrapnel Bomb and Sticky Grenade do +1 damage and do not automatically end the turn. Shrapnel Bomb can now be used more than once per turn.


Rank Name Days


Cadet Basic Conditioning 2 +2 Hit Points
Special Agent Unlock Potential 3 +1 Armor
Principal Agent Heavy Ordnance 5 Grenade items gain +1 bonus use; affects both offensive and support grenades.


  • The Heavy Ordnance perk affects support grenades that include Motile Inducers. This makes Claymore the perfect unit to carry them, as he can use them twice per mission to maximize turn efficiency among agents.
  • Improvised Explosives stacks with Heavy Ordnance. This means that you can use a grenade twice in the first encounter, and you can use it one more time in each subsequent encounter.
  • Shrapnel Bomb does 4 damage by default, this is increased to 5 by Barrage. It is blocked by doors, walls, and does not do damage around corners unless Heavy Shrapnel is taken.
  • Keep in mind that while enemies with Sticky Bomb usually run away, if they are close to your agents, they can potentially run towards them as well.
  • Any explosive can detonate Shrapnel Bombs, including exploding environmental objects like cars or barrels, Sticky Bomb, grenades, and even other Shrapnel Bombs in the same radius. The same is true in the other direction, Shrapnel Bombs can detonate environmental objects like cars or barrels.
  • Shrapnel Bomb and Sticky Bomb shred 1 armor by default.
  • If the detonation of Shrapnel Bomb kills an enemy, the kill is awarded to the agent who was next in the timeline immediately after Claymore. This is why you may find Claymore ranking-up so slowly.