Collateral Damage is a MEC Trooper ability in XCOM: Enemy Within.

Area of effect attack that destroys most cover and hits all eligible targets for 34% damage. This attack cannot cause critical hits.

– In-Game Description, XCOM: Enemy Within


Collateral Damage destroys cover, much like Fire Rocket, but has no limit as to the number of times it can be used per mission. Thus one can use it liberally to remove cover from enemies, allowing other soldiers to hit them more easily.

  • Vehicles hit by Collateral Damage instantly explode, which makes it very useful for taking out enemies using vehicles as cover.
  • Collateral Damage can completely destroy full cover trees, unlike most weapons.
  • The low damage of Collateral Damage can be useful in weakening aliens for capture using the Arc Thrower.


  • Collateral Damage uses as much ammo as two normal shots with the MEC's main weapon. Without upgrades to ammo capacity, this is all the ammo in a fully loaded MEC weapon.
  • Collateral Damage deals 1-2 damage with a Minigun, 2 damage with a Railgun, and 3 damage with a Particle Cannon.
  • Collateral Damage is visually similar to Suppression in animation. It even uses the same amount of ammo. However, MECs cannot suppress as their weapons "risk catastrophic overheating".
  • Despite appearing like weapons fire, Collateral Damage will destroy materials collected from alien corpses, similar to explosives.