XCOM EW ConceptArt Cybernetics Lab

The Cybernetics Lab is a new unique facility introduced in XCOM: Enemy Within.

In-Game DescriptionEdit


Here we are able to build Mechanized Exoskeleton Cybersuits (MECs) and augment soldiers to wear them. This facility counts as a Workshop for adjacency benefits.

– Engineering description,XCOM: Enemy Within

XCOM DatabaseEdit

The Cybernetics Lab enables augmentation of soldiers into MEC Troopers and allows for the creation of MECs. Only one Cybernetics Lab may be constructed, although it counts as a Workshop if built next to one. Dr. Shen strongly recommends that XCOM build and deploy MECs as quickly as possible.

– XCOM Database,XCOM: Enemy Within

Facility RequirementsEdit

Prerequisites: Meld Recombination (Research)

Time to Build: 10 Days

Facility Cost: 3 Power, §50

Facility Maintenance: §20 per month

MEC AugmentationEdit

Within the Cybernetics Lab, a soldier of any class can be converted into a MEC Trooper; Rookies cannot become MEC Troopers. Converting a soldier into a MEC Trooper is a permanent process in which the soldier replaces their arms and legs with cybernetic implants and lose all abilities and Gene Mods they previously had; note, the soldier will maintain their current rank. In exchange the soldier gains access to a new set of abilities as well as the ability to utilize a Mechanized Exoskeleton Cybersuit in combat. It costs §10 and 10 Meld to transform a soldier into a MEC Trooper and will remove them from active duty for 3 days.

MEC ConstructionEdit

Within the Cybernetics Lab, MECs can be built and upgraded for costs of Credits and Meld.


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