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The Cybernetics Lab is a new unique facility introduced in XCOM: Enemy Within.

In-Game Description[]


Here we are able to build Mechanized Exoskeleton Cybersuits (MECs) and augment soldiers to wear them. This facility counts as a Workshop for adjacency benefits.

– Engineering description,XCOM: Enemy Within

XCOM Database[]

The Cybernetics Lab enables augmentation of soldiers into MEC Troopers and allows for the creation of MECs. Only one Cybernetics Lab may be constructed, although it counts as a Workshop if built next to one. Dr. Shen strongly recommends that XCOM build and deploy MECs as quickly as possible.

– XCOM Database,XCOM: Enemy Within

Facility Requirements[]

Prerequisites: Meld Recombination (Research)

Time to Build: 10 Days

Facility Cost: 3 Power, §50

Facility Maintenance: §20 per month

MEC Augmentation[]

Within the Cybernetics Lab, a soldier of any class can be converted into a MEC Trooper; Rookies cannot become MEC Troopers. Converting a soldier into a MEC Trooper is a permanent process in which the soldier replaces their arms and legs with cybernetic implants and lose all abilities and Gene Mods they previously had; note, the soldier will maintain their current rank. In exchange the soldier gains access to a new set of abilities as well as the ability to utilize a Mechanized Exoskeleton Cybersuit in combat. It costs §10 and 10 Meld to transform a soldier into a MEC Trooper and will remove them from active duty for 3 days.

MEC Construction[]

Within the Cybernetics Lab, MECs can be built and upgraded for costs of Credits and Meld.