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Defense Matrix
XCOM2 facility defensematrix
Prerequisites "ADVENT Turret Breakdown" completed
Required Resources §75 (§150)
Required Power 2
Time to Build 14 days
Monthly Upkeep §10

The Defense Matrix is a facility in XCOM 2.

Two Turrets (four, with the upgrade) assist in Avenger Defense missions. Staffing an engineer in this facility will improve the XCOM Turrets' stats.

Upgrade: Quad TurretsEdit

Install additional turrets on the Avenger, which will help us defend against any ground assaults.

– In-game description

  • Costs: §75 (§125), 2 Power
  • Provides: Two extra turrets with the same stats.

War of the ChosenEdit

While staffed with an engineer, in addition to the boosted stats, all turrets also gain the Squadsight ability. In addition, the facility itself decreases the chances of Chosen sabotages succeeding.

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