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Dispatches are optional missions in The Bureau: XCOM Declassified that cannot be played like a conventional level, but instead are completed by literally dispatching available agents to do so.


Each dispatch mission has a Complexity rating, which translates into the required collective levels of one's agents, referred to as "Agent Strength".

Up to 6 agents can be dispatched at any given moment, though the roster will be locked in once the "Agent Strength" rating exceeds that of the level Complexity. Dispatched personnel cannot die while on duty, but became unavailable for one mission once deployed, after which they will return to base with secured alien tech and additional rewards. All agents sent on a dispatch will gain a level if the mission succeeds.

In addition to weaponry and backpacks, several named agents can be rewarded from dispatch missions. These personnel are given pre-determined names and appearance, and will appear the same way every time they are acquired, though the player can change their names from the roster if they so choose.


Mission Pre-requisite Complexity Reward
Gearing Up Completed Operation Guardian or Operation Grifter. 5 Guardian Pack
Recovering Leaders 7 Cyrus Sinclair, level 3 Recon
Nanotechnology Completed Investigation: Find Missing Silacoids for Dr. Heinrich Dresner. 7 Stabilization Assistance Pack
The Russian Completed Investigation: Keeping Things Secure for Leon Barnes by keeping a friendly attitude with the spy. 8 Piotr Zhedrev, level 4 Engineer
Sleepwalkers Completed Investigation: Sleepwalkers for Dr. Heinrich Dresner. 8 Point-Blank Pack
Cure Completed Investigation: Cure for Dr. Heinrich Dresner. 10 Rupture Pack
Behind Enemy Lines Completed Not of this Earth. 10 Statman Harris, level 3 Commando
Vendetta Completed Not of this Earth and Investigation: Vendetta. 9 Blast Protection Pack
Flight Test Completed Investigation: Flight Test and any random operation. 10 Quick Charge Pack
Claiming What's Ours Completed Crack in the World. 10 Corrosive Plasma Pack
Space Junk 10 Health Converter Pack

Tips & Tactics[]

  • All dispatched agents are guaranteed to gain one level upon completing a dispatch, unless they are at rank 5. This is a safer alternative to bringing rookies onto the field where their lack of skills can put them in harm's way, and is strongly recommended to do as one advances through the story, where the alien opposition can be too strong for a couple of rank 1 subordinates.
  • Available dispatches at any given time will disappear once the next major story mission is completed. Act fast!
  • If the current roster is not strong enough, or lacking personnel to pull off multiple dispatches at once, it is recommended to prioritize ones that award extra agents, as the squadmates gained through dispatches are guaranteed to be of an advanced rank compared to fresh recruits.
  • Select one's agents wisely: it might seem better to send two rank 5 agents on a complexity 10 mission, but they will not gain any benefit from doing so. Instead, try mixing and matching a squad of lower level agents who sorely needs advancement, but are too weak for live field duty.