Disruptor Rifle
Requirement Warlock Weapons
Type Assault Rifles
Class Rookie
Psi Operative
Ammo 4
Base Damage 7-9
Other Notes Guaranteed critical hits on psionic enemies
With addons
+15% aim

+3 Ammo
+15% bonus action chance
+3 Damage Missed Shots

Disruptor Rifle

The Disruptor Rifle is the signature weapon of the Chosen Warlock in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen.


In Combat Edit


The Warlock will only use the Disruptor Rifle in combat when he is unable to use any of his psionic abilities. It has the special feature of dealing guaranteed critical hits to any Psionic enemy it attacks, be it the Warlock attacking a Psi Operative or XCOM attacking units like the Codex and Sectoid (provided that the shot hits).

Upon recovery of this item, it comes with four Superior level weapon upgrades: a Scope, Expanded Magazine, Stock and Hair Trigger. These weapon upgrades are permanent and cannot be replaced. You will need to research for several days before you are able to use this weapon, and being an assault rifle type weapon, it can be equipped on Psi Operatives, Specialists, Rangers, and Rookie soldiers.

Tier Shotguns:
Sniper Rifles:
(Specialists, Rangers, Psi Operatives and Rookies)
Tier 1 Shotgun Cannon Sniper Rifle Assault Rifle
Tier 2 Shard Gun Mag Cannon Gauss Rifle Magnetic Rifle
Tier 3 Storm Gun Beam Cannon Plasma Lance Plasma Rifle
Chosen Arashi (none) Darklance Disruptor Rifle
Tier Swords:
Grenade Launchers:
(Psi Operatives)
Tier 1 Sword Grenade Launcher Pistol GREMLIN Psi Amp
Tier 2 Arc Blade Advanced Grenade Launcher Mag Pistol GREMLIN Mark II Advanced Psi Amp
Tier 3 Fusion Blade (none) Beam Pistol GREMLIN Mark III Alien Psi Amp
Chosen Katana (none) Darkclaw (none) (none)
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