TheBureau DrWeir

Dr. Allen Weir is a expert in cryptology working at Rosemont University. When Rosemont, Georgia comes under attack by aliens, Agent William Carter and his team are sent to extract Dr. Weir.

Dr. Weir is Australian. He served in the military during WWII fighting in the Pacific, notably during the liberation of Borneo.


Dr. Weir appears in the game The Bureau: XCOM Declassified and is voiced by Alan Dale. He joins XCOM upon his acquisition at the end of The Scientist and is situated in the Laboratory, where he can often be found engaging in scientific debates with Dr. Heinrich Dresner.

Weir's role in the story is important, as he often gives insights into the Outsider's activities, motives and technology, and is the one to discover the method to travel to the Zudjari homeworld.

He briefly becomes a playable character during the final mission of the game, should Asaru chooses to merge with him. If he is not the chosen character, then at one point the player will be presented with a choice: either going to his assistance, or the other person (Director Faulke or Agent Weaver); William Carter will go to the unchosen party's aid. If the player saves Weir, then the other character will die eventually and vice versa.


Dr. Weir has what could be considered the best ending. He merges with Asaru and takes control of the Mosaic. He convinces them to help rebuild Earth in exchange for their freedom. They work together to dismantle and hide what they can, while saving a civil amount for study. However after all that happened, they could not give the Outsiders asylum on Earth, so they returned control of their ship and let them continue their journey to find a new home planet.