TheBureau HeinrichDresner

Dr. Heinrich Dresner, also known as The Kraut, is a scientist working for XCOM and head of its scientific division in 1962.


Dr. Dresner is of German origin, and had (unwillingly) worked with Nazi Germany during the second World War, in fear of the Soviet war machine's power. At one point during conversations, Dresner might ask Carter to "put in a good word" with the OSS to help with his immigration procedures into the United States.

Compared to his XCOM colleague Alan Weir, Dresner is more of a scientific and methodic researcher, and while ethical and caring, is not used to giving his test subjects (often the bureau's agents) firsthand information about new technology until they find out and inquire.

Despite being "a physicist and not a physician", Dresner was nontheless interested in researching the Sleepwalker phenomenon, and was the first person to have ever succeeded in removing their connections to Mosaic, rendering them catatonic but harmless.


Dr. Dresner appears in the game The Bureau: XCOM Declassified and is voiced by William Salyers, who also voices the Zudjari Infiltrator.


  • Being German, Dr. Dresner's speech carries a strong accent and several parts of it are substituted with German words (e.g. "und" instead of "and"), though the game's subtitle still display the regular English terms.