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Dr. Richard Tygan is the Chief Scientific Officer of XCOM aboard the Avenger.

Prior to the alien invasion, Dr. Tygan was a biochemist in Earth's lucrative pharmaceutical industry. Once the aliens conquered Earth and toppled all governments, Tygan didn't know what he should do. As the ADVENT administration was established and new cities were erected around the globe, Tygan's curiosity provided him a new purpose: he would seek access to ADVENT. He was then quickly identified for his skills and employed within ADVENT's ranks.

Tygan led one of the earliest Gene Therapy clinics for ADVENT and was impressed with the medical advancements the administration provided. Though Tygan was initially satisfied in his work, as time went on he found himself quite troubled with how ADVENT had applied his efforts. He saw increased control exerted over the human populace and, upon hearing of a growing resistance movement, decided to flee the city and seek out XCOM.

The Resistance guerilla operative Ana Ramirez was preparing to facilitate Tygan's defection when she was delayed by an ADVENT assault. When she didn't show, Tygan panicked and forcibly removed the implanted chip that linked him to ADVENT's psionic network; the self-surgery rendered him unconscious. Ramirez passed on Tygan's last known position to XCOM, and Bradford led a rescue squad including Ramirez, Jane Kelly, Lily Shen, and Peter Osei to extract him. XCOM was willing to take such a risk on a former collaborator because with Dr. Vahlen's disappearance, XCOM was in desperate need of anyone with medical expertise.

As can be seen in some cutscenes, Tygan has a large scar on the back of his head, indicating that perhaps ADVENT implants all of its associates with some kind of chip, which he forcibly removed when he fled. Dialogue from Shen hints that the chip may not have been removed completely, as Tygan scratches the scar more frequently than normal.

Dr. Tygan is self-assured and confident in his own knowledge and expertise. He can be a bit patronizing at times to those who aren't able to keep up; however, he has a great deal of respect towards the commander. Bradford observes during The Lazarus Project that it took some time before Tygan gained the trust of the Avenger's crew, and Shen remains guarded around him in spite of their frequent work together.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • XCOM: Chimera Squad reveals that Tygan wrote a book Post-War, titled "The Enemy Within: The Impending Public Health Crisis in a Post-War World". The book explores how the Fade, a degenerative disease that effects Hybrids, will likely jump species to humans and other alien races, as they share common DNA with each-other, due to the Elder's genetic tampering.
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