For the enemy in XCOM: Enemy Unknown, see Drone (XCOM: Enemy Unknown).
TheBureau Drone
Type Support Drone
Weapon Drone Beam
Abilities Lift Beam

Heal Beam

Durability Low (normal)

Moderate (advanced)

A Drone is an enemy in The Bureau: XCOM Declassified.



An Advanced Drone.

Drones are small, flying alien mechanical devices that provides fire support, first aid, and field repair for Zudjari forces while also harasses the player's Agents with conical energy shells . Drones utilize a smaller version of the Outsider gravity manipulation technology in order to fly. 

Aside from set spawns, basic Drones can also be called in by a Minion Commander or the Zudjari Infiltrator. Some might spawn from a Drop Pod later on as well.

If Agent William Carter or Nico DaSilva are sufficiently experienced, they can deploy their own Drones to provide friendly support during combat.

It is implied that these devices are not truly autonomous, but remote-controlled by an operator. This is supported by the fact that killing the Minion Commander who summoned them will also destroy them instantly.

Advanced DroneEdit

An Advanced Drone is simply a sturdier versions of the basic Drone with additional platings that can only appear as a map spawn and not a summoned minion. They are fairly rare, however. They are equipped with a tractor beam which can lift the players agents.


Aside from the default energy shells , each Drone can be equipped with specialized beams that provides different types of support during a firefight.

  • Lift Beam: The Drone selects a random target and suspends it in the air for a brief period of time, similar to the player's own Lift power.
  • Heal Beam: Exactly as it says on the tin. This beam restores lost health to a random ally.
  • Regular Hostile drones only carry a heal beam,whereas the advanced version carries both


  • These enemies should be priority targets when they appear on the field. They are able to flank Carter and his Agents by circling high above cover. Their laser beams can prove quite a nuisance when there is a big and dangerous threat in play, like a Muton or Sectopod. Thankfully Drones are quite fragile, and won't be able to endure much punishment.
  • If there is a Minion Commander lurking around, focus on him first and foremost instead of the Drones. They will all die when he is killed.
  • Assign each of one's squadmates to a specific Drone can speed up their elimination.

Salvage ReportEdit

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