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EMP Cannon is a research project in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

In-Game Description[]


We've conceived of a weapon capable of disabling electrical systems without destroying them...if we were to equip our Interceptors with this technology, while also shielding them from the overall effect, this could greatly improve our odds of recovering the alien technology intact.

Project Report[]

Codename: Ion

In developing an electromagnetic weapon capable of emitting a focused pulse that will penetrate the alien's advanced shielding, we've also had to find a way to protect our own ship's sensitive electronic circuitry. The functionality of the weapon itself had already been well-established by previous testing conducted by Earth's various terrestrial military forces, leaving us with little to determine outside of the energy requirements and effective range.

Although the additional shielding required to protect our systems will necessitate a reconfiguration of our ship's hardpoints for the weapon's mount, I expect the engineering team will have no trouble fitting the device into position. If our pilots can successfully deploy the pulse against the alien craft, we should be able to bring down a UFO with minimal damage to the artifacts and equipment carried inside.

Project Requirements[]

Prerequisites: New Fighter Craft
Research Point Cost: 400 Points
Project Cost: 20 Elerium

Items Unlocked[]

Foundry Projects Unlocked[]