XComEW EXALT Intel.png

EXALT Intel reveals clues to the location of EXALT's main base in XCOM: Enemy Within


EXALT Intel is recovered after successful Covert Operations.


While only three clues are needed for XCOM to attempt a base raid, additional intel will help further narrow down the list of suspect Council nations. It is worth noting that the EXALT base can be located in a country that has already withdrawn from the XCOM project.


These clues vary in specificity. The game automatically eliminates countries based on the intel gathered by displaying an × next to their name in Covert Operations.

  • "The EXALT base is not in [COUNTRY NAME]."
    • Eliminates specified country.
  • "The EXALT base is not in [CONTINENT NAME]"
    • Eliminates all countries on specified continent.
  • "The EXALT base is not in an English speaking country."
    • Eliminates the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.
  • "The EXALT base is not in an island country."
    • Eliminates the United Kingdom, Japan, and Australia.
  • "The EXALT base is not in one of the two Cold War superpowers."
    • Eliminates the United States and Russia.
  • "The EXALT base is in a country you can play as in Civilization V."
    • Eliminates Canada, Argentina, South Africa, Nigeria, and Australia.
  • "The EXALT base is east of the Atlantic Ocean."
    • Eliminates the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina.
  • "The EXALT base is not in a country with any territory in the Arctic Circle."
    • Eliminates the United States, Canada and Russia.
  • "The EXALT base is not in one of the world's 5 most populous countries."
    • Eliminates China, India, the United States and Brazil.
    • Indonesia, the world's fourth most populous nation, isn't a Council nation.


  • Falsely accusing a Council nation of harboring the EXALT base causes it to leave the Council immediately.
  • Falsely accusing a former Council nation results in a continent-wide rise in panic levels.
    • If all of the countries in that continent have already abandoned the Council there is no penalty.
  • Egypt, France, and Germany are the only three nations that are not eliminated by any of the non-specific clues.
  • The game appears to have an internal maximum of twenty-eight clues. Since this is well beyond the number needed to have 100% certainty of the EXALT HQ location, most of the later ones will be repeats. Acquiring even more than this is possible, but the game will display "This clue index is out of range."