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An EXALT Laser Assault Rifle is an EXALT weapon recoverable in XCOM: Enemy Within.

Name and outward appearance aside, the EXALT Laser Assault Rifle is identical in stats and function to XCOM's Laser Rifle.

In-Game Description[]

EXALT's version of the Laser Rifle fills a combat role similar to that of the one XCOM can develop, but maintenance and power management require us to research the appropriate laser technology before we can use them. Council nations may be interested in them to jump-start their own weapons programs as well.

Gray Market description, XCOM: Enemy Within


EXALT Laser Assault Rifles can be recovered following successful Covert Operations involving EXALT Elite Operatives or EXALT Elite Medics.


Base Damage Crit Damage Crit Chance Range
4 - 6 7 - 9 10% Medium

Gray Market Value[]



  • The EXALT Laser Assault Rifle's Critical Damage is incorrectly listed as 8-10 in-game.
  • Normally EXALT Elites begin appearing after the player has plenty of laser weapons and is venturing into plasma territory, so their laser weapons are redundant. However, if playing with the Marathon or Total Loss Second Wave options, Laser and Plasma Rifles may be in short supply after a string of unfortunate KIAs. As such, the EXALT Laser Assault Rifle is suitable for arming troops and Rookies until Light Plasma Rifles become available in enough quantities.
  • Unlike regular EXALT and their ballistic weaponry, Elites do not stop appearing, so their laser weapons can be farmed for small amounts of cash per mission.
  • Despite having the exact same functionality, EXALT Laser Assault Rifles cannot be used in place of Laser Rifles in Council requests for the latter. There are separate requests specifically for this weapon.


  • The EXALT Laser Assault Rifle is much more compact than XCOM's model. It also features a sight, though this has no effect on the weapon's accuracy. Like the EXALT Assault Rifle, it features a cosmetic tactical light at the front.
  • Unlike XCOM's Laser Rifle, this is explicitly named an assault rifle.
  • Upon further inspection, the EXALT Laser Assault Rifle appears to be an extensive modification of the EXALT Assault Rifle, sharing the same rough silhouette and features. Notable changes include the entire carrying handle and picatinny rail being built over, the stock having what appears to be a buttpad added on, and the handguard being completely changed.