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An EXALT Rocket Launcher is an EXALT weapon recoverable in XCOM: Enemy Within.

Name and outward appearance aside, the EXALT Rocket Launcher is identical in stats and function to XCOM's Rocket Launcher.

In-Game Description[]

Gray Market Description[]

The EXALT Rocket Launcher is tactically similar to XCOM's, but may have some value to Council nations planning anti-EXALT operations of their own.

Gray Market description, XCOM: Enemy Within

Tactical Info Description[]

EXALT's rocket launcher is a high-quality conventional weapon; it would be a mistake to think it an improvised substitute like other terrorist organizations' explosives.

– Tactical Info description, XCOM: Enemy Within


EXALT Rocket Launchers can be recovered following successful Covert Operations involving EXALT Heavies.

Tactical Info[]

Base Damage Range
6 Medium
Source: Tactical Info, XCOM: Enemy Within

Gray Market Value[]



  • Although its icon shows it as having different muzzle proportions and a grey color, unlike other EXALT weapons, it has the exact same model and color palette as XCOM's Rocket Launcher.