An EXALT Sniper is a new enemy introduced in XCOM: Enemy Within.


The EXALT Sniper is a long range soldier equal to XCOM's Snipers armed with conventional weapons.


Ability Description
Damn Good Ground  Damn Good Ground Confers +10 Aim and +10 Defense against enemies at a lower elevation, in addition to the usual elevation bonuses.
Snap Shot  Snap Shot Removes the sniper rifle's restriction on firing and Overwatch after moving. Any shots taken suffer a -10 Aim penalty.


  • EXALT members will commit suicide if captured.


  • Can be problematic from afar.
  • An Assault soldier shouldn't have trouble killing them at close range.


  • EXALT Snipers are the only EXALT basic units with a passable Aim statistic of 60. In any squad made out of only basic EXALT units, you should always have at least one, if not two.
  • The EXALT sniper rifle is passable against Sectoids, Thin Men, Floaters, Seekers, Drones, and other low-HP units. Its ammo consumption is a concern.
  • EXALT Snipers have Snapshot but no pistol. Use Snapshot to rapidly move and fire with the EXALT Sniper, but be careful.
  • Their critical chance is less than an XCOM Sniper of equivalent weaponry, but they are cheaper.
  • EXALT Snipers lack customizability.


  • This unit's -10 critical chance penalty on Easy and Normal difficulties counteracts the weapon's +25, resulting in a net 15% critical chance.