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Fusion Core is an alien artifact in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

In-Game Description[]

This equipment is part of the fusion core recovered from the Battleship variant of the alien UFO. We may be able to harness its capabilities for use in an advanced weapon prototype.

Gray Market description


Fusion Cores can be recovered following the successful completion of missions involving alien Battleships, which are typically first encountered during month six. Each Battleship carries two Fusion Cores.

Gray Market Value[]



Engineering Projects
Blaster Launcher 1


  • Despite being required for the Fusion Lance (Project) research, they are not actually required for the armament's construction, which only requires alloys and elerium.
  • The airborne Battleship that is raided during the unique Slingshot mission Gangplank also provides two cores. Thus, enabling Operation Slingshot allows Blaster Launchers and Fusion Lances to be obtained earlier than play-throughs that do not include the Operation.
    • However, due to Fusion Lances being restricted to the Firestorm interception craft, this will generally only benefit commanders with careful resource management and a focus on recruiting scientists from abductions, as otherwise the player will typically only start fielding the Firestorm around the time that Battleships begin appearing, negating the benefit of early Fusion Lance research.
  • The opportunity to shoot down and raid Alien Battleships is a fairly rare occurrence, and the Blaster Launcher is an extremely powerful weapon. Thus Fusion Cores should not be sold until the player has allotted enough cores to build Fusion Launchers for every Heavy soldier in their mission team. By this point in the mid- to late-game, funding is usually no longer a problem anyway.