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Fusion Lance is a research project in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

Proposal[edit | edit source]

We've recovered a number of interesting materials from the wreckage of the battleship-class UFO. If we can gain a better understanding of the alien fusion core, I believe further research on this path may lead us to the development of an immensely powerful air-to-air weapon.

Project Report[edit | edit source]

Codename: Godfinger

This weapon is among the most powerful we've recovered from the aliens, and we've already evidence of its devastating effect against our own aircraft. Unfortunately, it was clearly designed for a much larger craft with a greater payload capacity than anything we have currently available. In order to adapt the mechanism for use on our own ships, we've had to redesign the integrated power and cooling systems to a much smaller form factor.

If we do manage to successfully deploy this weapon, I have no doubt we'll finally level the playing field with the aliens in terms of air superiority.

Project Requirements[edit | edit source]

Prerequisites: Salvage Fusion Core
Research Point Cost: 300 Points
Project Cost: 20 Elerium, 10 Alloys, 50 Weapon Fragments

Items Unlocked[edit | edit source]

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