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General Abilities are a variety of basic abilities and equipment-related abilities available to all soldiers regardless of class in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Basic Abilities[]

Actions available by default to all soldiers and most aliens.

Ability In-Game Description Notes
XEU Fire icon.png  Fire Does up to X damage.

Damage and any Aim modifiers based on currently equipped and selected weapon. Unavailable if there is no enemy within the unit's line of sight, or if the weapon doesn't have enough ammo.

Overwatch.jpg  Overwatch Fire on the first enemy that moves within your line of sight with a small Aim penalty.

See Overwatch page for detailed tips.

XEU Reload icon.png  Reload Reload your weapon.

Unavailable if the weapon has not used any ammunition.

XEU Hunker Down icon.png  Hunker Down Doubles cover bonus and provides immunity to critical hits, but reduces sight radius.

Only available while in cover.

Equipment Abilities[]

Actions available to any soldier possessing the associated equipment. See specific equipment pages for additional details and tips.

Ability Equipment Description Notes
Frag Grenade Frag Grenade Does 3 damage to all units in 2 tile blast radius. Destroys most forms of cover.
Alien Grenade Alien Grenade Does 5 damage to all units in 2 tile blast radius.

Destroys most forms of cover. Available to some aliens.

Heal Wound Medikit Use the Medikit to heal 4 HP

Amount of HP recovered can be upgraded. Has a 2 tile radius.

Stabilize Medikit Use the Medikit to stabilize a critically injured soldier. Has a 2 tile radius.
Revive Medikit Allows Medikits to revive critically wounded soldiers at 33% of maximum health istead of just stabilizing them. Has a 2 tile radius. Makes the soldier usable again.
Stun Arc Thrower Incapacitates aliens within a 2 tile radius. Higher chance if the target's HP is 3 or less.

Some alien species have the Stun Immune trait as a counterpart.

Hack Arc Thrower Bring a Drone under your control. Available once Drone Capture project is complete.
Repair S.H.I.V. Arc Thrower Repairs friendly robotic units. Available once S.H.I.V. Repair project is complete.
Combat Stims Combat Stims Temporarily increases a soldier's stats for 2 turns. Damage cut by 50% (rounded down), +40 Will, and +3 Movement.
Grapple  Skeleton Suit or Ghost Armor Use the grappling hook to reach high locations. Counts as an action.
Ghost Ghost Armor Become invisible to enemies until the beginning of the next turn. Firing while stealthed confers a 100% critical chance but reveals the wearer (30% in XCOM: Enemy Within). Can be activated up to 4 times per battle; activating Ghost does not cost an action or end the turn.
Toggle Flight Archangel Armor Activate/deactive Flight mode on Archangel Armor. Does not cost an action or end the turn. Movement or elevation changes while in flight cost fuel.