Ghost Grenade.png

The Ghost Grenade is a new item introduced in XCOM: Enemy Within.

In-Game Description[]

This grenade contains elerium-infused particles that, when diffused into our soldiers, causes them to become invisible. These particles will lose their elerium charge after a brief time, and competing energy sources – such as weapons fire – will disrupt them.

– Engineering description, XCOM: Enemy Within

Production Specifications[]

Prerequisites: Seeker Autopsy (Research)

Production Time: Immediate

Production Cost:

Tactical Info[]

  • Confers temporary stealth on all friendly units in blast radius
  • Stealth lasts until the start of the unit's next turn
  • Attacks from stealth receive a substantial bonus to critical chance


  • Stealth grants a +30 Crit chance.
  • Movement does not cancel the stealth effect, but shooting will.
  • Does not affect Seekers or units with Mimetic Skin.
  • The only way to cloak a MEC and S.H.I.V.s. Additionally, a MEC using Electro Pulse does not break the effects of Ghost Grenade. Launching a proximity mine does, however.
  • Certain units decloak if ghosted by a Ghost Grenade. Such situations are an Assault forced to use Close Combat Specialist, a MEC initiating a Reactive Targeting Sensors reaction shot, a S.H.I.V. using Sentinel Drone upgrade initiating an attack with sentinel module, or any friendly cloaked soldier who is panicked into shooting or doing possibly any other offensive action which is not an exception.