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The Gray Market is accessible through the Situation Room in XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Here the Commander can sell recovered alien artifacts and materials to the Council members at any time. The market is essential for raising quick cash when needed, but keep in mind that some research projects, Foundry projects, and many of the items produced in Engineering can require alien materials or corpses.

XCOM Database[]

Should XCOM require additional funds, the Gray Market enables XCOM to sell alien artifacts to Council member nations. Damaged alien artifacts can be sold without repercussions; intact alien artifacts may be better suited for research or engineering purposes.

– XCOM Database, XCOM: Enemy Within

Item Types[]

Items in the Gray Market can be labeled as:

  • No Research Value - Can be freely sold.
  • Not Researched - Can be sold but the item's research/production value has not been ascertained.
  • Cannot Sell - Plot critical items.

Sellable Materials[]