Grenade Launcher Icon.png

The Grenade Launcher is a Tactical Subsystem available to MECs in XCOM: Enemy Within.


Launches a grenade over long distances that is similar to an ordinary grenade but does 4 damage over 3.5 tiles. Automatically upgraded after Alien Grenades is researched in the Foundry, granting +1 to damage and different visual effects.


  • The launch radius is larger than the sight radius of the MEC and of most enemies.
    • Since unactivated enemies cluster together, it is possible to scout them out with a concealed unit, and launch a grenade at them with an MEC.
    • Once the battle commences the MEC is still capable of acting as indirect-fire artillery: if it can't move into sight of the enemy to fire, it can at least take a pot-shot with the launcher, helping escape tight situations when the MEC hasn't been brought to bear on time.
  • Although the Grenade Launcher appears to have 4 revolver-style firing chambers, it can only be fired 2 times per battle without Expanded Storage.